For Sale/Trade MIM tele deluxe 3 bolt body For Sale

price drop

USD 225.00
[​IMG] [​IMG]
a used MIM tele deluxe 3 bolt body
with Gretsch humbuckers taken out of a g2622t streamliner guitar
new dimarzio three way.
was a 8.5 pound guitar with a neck on it
includes all three bolt neck mounting hardware
sitting in the neck pocket
"what are the screws on the face about?" assuming the previous owner had a B5 bigsby on it

will convert to four bolt if needed

you could go full bigsby with an import B5 for 35$ and a bridge from bridge works and have a "one of a kind" "steal me not my real fender" guitar.includes gig bag
Decals may come off but I left it as is..

225$ plus shipping
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