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For Sale Mesa Boogie DC-2 Studio Caliber combo amp For Sale

Mesa Boogie DC-2 Studio Caliber two-channel combo amp in excellent condition

USD 595.00
Mesa Boogie DC-2 Studio Caliber combo amp in excellent condition. This amp features two, fully-independent channels, allowing for perfectly tweaked clean and dirty sounds with no tonal compromises. It also features blend-able effects loop, silent recording mode and tube driven reverb. This amp has just been cleaned and one preamp tube replaced. It is fully functional and sounds awesome. Even includes foot switch the original hang tags! $595 + S&H

-Power Output: 22 Watts
-Tubes: EL84 (2), 12AX7 (6)
-Speaker: 12" VS-12 Black Shadow Vintage
-Channel Controls: Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Reverb, Master
-Master Controls: Output
-Dimensions: 19" x 18" x 11"
-Weight: 48 lbs
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Detroit, Michigan


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