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For Sale Masco Tube Amp 1940's Vintage Made In USA For Sale

Vintage Masco Tube Guitar Amp

USD 265.00
Masco MA-35 amp head. 1947-1948 vintage. 35W All tube. Made in the USA by Mark Simpson Co , Long Island N.Y. Serviced with new caps and some resistors. Reproduction Masco logo included. Stock transformers. Muti-tap OT 2, 4, 8, 15 ohm options. Grounded power plug installed. Think of old Fender tweed tone. Natural dirt on tap via the 7C4 pre-amp tubes. Interactive volume controls that work not un-like the 5E3 circuit. Ready to go. Sounds as great as it looks.

Original Sprague multi-section cap can in place but not used. Individual F&T electrolytic caps installed. Improvements made to ground circuit. 1/4" jacks installed for guitars in, and hooking up speaker cabs.

Tubes utilized: 7C7 (4) ,
3 are Made in USA RCA, 1 Made In USA Raytheon

7N7 (1), General Electric Made in USA

6L6 power tubes (2)
1 Made In USA National Union
1 MADE IN USA Sylvania

5U4GB rectifier (1) Vintage RCA

Controls L-R: Mic Volume 1. Mic volume 2. Phono. Treble. Bass.

This amp is quiet at idle and roars at volume. Natural tube compression and overdrive in spades. Willing to ship. Will be packed properly for shipment.
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Kamloops, BC Canada