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For Sale/Trade Malekko 616 & HOF mini For Sale/Trade

delay & verb up for grabs

USD 75.00
Malekko 616 Analog delay - *SOLD*
- Pedal is in near perfect cosmetic condition & functions perfectly, only "issue" is that the led for the modulation section doesn't turn on...no clue why but the modulation (which is KILLER & with the time&regen all the way down it can be a great chorus pedal) still works perfectly but that's why the price is so low. No box with this one but it will be well packaged.

TC Electronic HOF mini reverb - $65
- Added the big knob for easy on-stage adjustment works perfect...currently loaded with "church of Andy" but with the app, you can load anything you'd like. Comes with original box & I can swap the knob back to the original if you want.

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    1. Strato50
      I will take the Malekko send me you pay pal addy....thanks.