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For Sale Loaded Squier Tele Body Sold

Tele body, just add neck and strings!

USD 60.00
New and unused Squier Surf Green Tele body, basswood, 6lbs 13ozs, CTS 250k pots, tone pot is a no-load w/.022uf cap, CRL 3-way switch, Switchcraft jack in an Electrosocket jack cup, Cavalier Nashville bridge pickup, rewound Fender Tele neck pickup w/AlNiCoV rod mags, add neck, and strings, twang or rock on!

$60 plus shipping from NJ 07656
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NJ 07656


    1. Satchel68
      Is this still for sale?
    2. screefer
      I'll be third in line, if you will...
    3. chauncy
      Ill take it if big dog changes his mind
    4. bigdog
      Not sure my first note went through but I'll take the loaded body!
      Mark Fowler (aka big dog)
      1. Pierce likes this.
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