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For Sale JHS Superbolt and Z.vex Super Duper For Sale

two clean drive pedals, discount if you purchase both

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Not playing into an amp very often so I wanted to move these great sounding pedals along to a good home. Not interested in any trades. First up is the JHS Superbolt. Based on Supro and similarly made small tube amps, this is a super responsive overdrive. First version, with a hi/lo toggle similar to the different inputs on the amps. Great shape with only minor scuffs, has velcro on bottom. Asking $120 shipped with the box https://www.jhspedals.com/products/guitar-pedals/superbolt/

Next is the Zvex Super Duper 2-in-1. Essentially two Super Dupers stacked together with a master volume to control the overall output. Transparent clean boost that stacks beautifully to thicken up any signal without getting flabby. This is a Harold Myrold handpainted version from 2002. As with all US made Zvex pedals this has a lifetime warranty. Minor chipping and marks through the clearcoat, nothing serious an has a small hole drilled on the side to accommodate an included ac adapter. Asking $180 shipped http://www.zvex.com/products/super-duper-2-in-1-1
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central kentucky
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