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For Sale In guitar boost $40 For Sale

In guitar boost $40

USD 40.00
Boost I built for all my guitars and have a few left over. Never been used. Boost completely takes the place of the volume pot. Turned off it acts like the guitar normally would but pulling the knob up routes the signal through the boost circuit. Amount of boost is adjusted by blue pot mounted on the circuit card. $40 plus whatever shipping is.
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Oakfield, Ga


    1. ravindave_3600
      How is this powered?
      1. Durk
        With a 9 volt battery. I have a bunch of the pigtails. I will throw one in with it.
        Dec 8, 2019
    2. BB
    3. Smokin OP
      Good luck, Chad
      1. Durk likes this.
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