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For Sale Hand Wound Telecaster Pickup Set - Onamac -- Robben Ford Spec For Sale

Hand Wound Tele Pickups

USD 100.00
Hi selling a fantastic set of hand wound Telecaster pickups that I purchased and used for a over a year in my Fender Standard Tele, that I sold and kept these gems! The neck pickup truly is a Strat influenced wind. I've had Fralin's , Lollars, etc these are up there with the best. I just don't have a use and want to pass them on to another Tele player that wants to "wake up" his Telecaster. These were about $140.00 new and think it's a great deal.

Here's the description from Onamac Windery:

*** Hand Crafted Robben Ford tone Telecaster pickup set ***

Constructed with USA manufactured alnico 5 magnets, SPN 42awg magnet wire, a chrome plated cover and waxed cloth push back leads. The unique Strat-like neck pickup provides rich fat tone while retaining super clarity and note separation without a hint of muddiness. The bridge pickup is calibrated to perfectly match the neck pickup output and compliment it's tone. Switching from neck to bridge and in-between the tone is clear and articulate and output remains even. The bridge has traditional late '60's construction, 42awg plain enamel wound to 7.25k. Using custom made alnico 5 magnets. Calibrated to match the neck the bridge pickup has medium output and just enough traditional tone to leave no doubt it's still a Telecaster.
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Mtn View, CA


    1. 6stringvet
      Interested. You know shipping $ to Sumas, WA?
    2. KennyHendrix
      Hmm. I want the 52 type sound on my 2006 MIM telecaster or I may buy the body and make my own ( already purchased a neck for it)
      So, looking for a set of pick-ups that have that old school growl to them.