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For Sale/Trade Gibson SG Faded For Sale

2003 Cherry Faded SG

USD 525.00
Up for sale is a 2003 SG Faded Cherry.

Matte nitrocellulose finish
490T and 490R pickups
Ebony fretboard
500k CTS pots
Gibson Deluxe tuners
Gibson pickup covers (added by me, easily removed if wanted)

Some dings and minor surface and pickguard scratches. Comes with aftermarket hardshell case. Any other questions or picture requests, please let me know.

$525 shipped to the continental USA
PayPal, Venmo, or money order accepted.

I would be open to a trade for a comparably priced Gretsch Electromatic hollow or semi-hollow.
Item Location? (required):
Columbia, MO


    1. davenumber2
      Trade pending.
    2. skydog6653
      What's the neck profile?
      1. davenumber2
        Measurements to the best of my abilities:

        First fret thickness: .8125”
        Nut width: 1.72”
        12th fret thickness: .875”
        12th fret width: 2.0625”

        I believe this to be the thicker 50’s rounded profile but I’m not familiar with all the Gibson neck shapes.
        Dec 23, 2019
    3. davenumber2
      Make me an offer.
    4. davenumber2
      Added pics of the case.
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