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For Sale Fulltone, Xotic, BearfootFX, Digitech For Sale

Dirt & Delay...

Best Offer
prices are shipped and paypalled.

Fulltone Soul Bender (mint, velcro, box) - $100
Xotic AC booster (mint, velcro, box) - $105
** SOLD **Supro1305 Drive (mint, box)- ** SOLD **
BearfootFX Model G - Ltd. Edition (Exc, velcro) - $115.00
** SOLD ** MXR M-133 Micro Amp Pedal - (mint condition, velcro and box) - ** SOLD **
Digitech Digidelay - (good condition, velcro and box) - $60

If the ad is up, the items are for sale. I don't post much here, mostly read. But a long time TGP member and done many great deals here.

Sorry, but no trades.
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Charlottesville, VA


    1. teleman1
      Any interest in a Carl Martin Plexitone? The two channel w/boost one that you plug into a wall. I was interested in the Supro.
      Thanks for reading.
      1. halouis
        hey Teleman1... sorry, but I'm not really looking for that one... possibly the smaller version.
        Sep 12, 2018
      2. teleman1
        What about the Mad professor 1;brown sound? I also have NOS & ANOS tubes. And, stay safe buddy.
        Sep 12, 2018
      3. halouis
        hoping for just a bunch of rain. thanks man. but I'll pass. got tubes a plenty for the most part. how about we do 115 shipped/PPG on the supro? it's a neat box. and it can run on both 9v as well as 18v
        Sep 12, 2018
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