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Mid to Bottom Feeder Humbuckers

USD 30.00
Upgrade (or downgrade!) your guitar, add a pickup to your ho-made cigar box, diddley bow.....or just use them for decoration, parts or a doorstop.

1. Black cover, neck model G&B. 4 conductor. Taken from the neck slot of a nice ESP tele. Around 8k. Alnico, Great sounding pickup. Very PAFish in tone and reminds me of a Duncan 59. Great in the neck of a tele. $30.00

2. Epiphone buckers. Worn gold covers. I have two sets. One from a Korean Dot Deluxe, the other set is Epi's take on "Classic 57's" from a Korean LP. These are actually nice sounding pickups with alnico magnets. Wound between 8k and 9k. $30.00 a set.

3. Cheeep offshore bucket. $5 or free with purchase.

4. (not shown) Double white Shamshin humbucker. This is a bridge model (I believe) with (I may be wrong!) Alnico mags wound to the mid 11's. It sounded great in the bridge of a homebrew slide guitar. $25.00
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Federal Way, WA