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For Sale Fezz Parka Oildale set For Sale

(Free shipping) Fezz Parka Stratocaster pickups

USD 160.00
For sale: a set of Oildale strat pickups made by former tdpri member Fezz Parka.

All three measure about 5.9k, and are made with A3 magnets (no stagger).

Typical of all Fezz Parka pickups, they are only briefly dipped in lacquer (instead of a full wax potting) which is just enough to prevent squeal when the volume is turned up, but still allows a lot of ‘liveliness’. Please bear in mind that a high gain amp might not be suitable, as the slight microphonics might be too much and lead to feedback.

Yours for 160$ (free shipping).
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