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For Sale Fender Twin Reverb Silverface non-master volume For Sale

1971 all original export model, very good condition

USD 850.00
THIS IS £850, NOT $! Can't change it.
Fender Twin Reverb Silverface non-master volume, all original with reverb/vibrato pedal. 1971, really good condition, serviced, caps replaced, power valves changed, and a couple of pre amp valves with very little use, ready to gig, record with, or just to collect and occasionally play.
As you may know, the early amps are rare, and this condition even more scarce, the prices are really going up on these, so a good investment. The amp is a UK voltage one too.
Sound - perfect to me. Classic hand wired beautiful clean Fender sound, and super loud! Exactly what a Twin was made for! The amp isn't light, but it has the original fender Utah speakers, so not as heavy as the JBLs. The speakers are great; articulate and loud, without being too 'hi-fi', don't believe the internet reviews! They look like reissues of the 1960s Jensen speakers to me.
Condition - I have not seen one in better condition than this. It was owned by a prog rock guitarist from new, and had little use after that. Comes with a soft cover. Any questions, please ask, collection only.
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Nottingham UK