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For Sale Fender/MJT Parts Tele Custom For Sale

Lake Placid Blue Partscaster

USD 1,600.00
Modeled after a '62 reissue Tele Custom. This is my dream tele. Seriously. There isn't anything I would change about it. Only selling because I miss my jazzmaster (I prefer JM pickups) and am in the middle of a jazzmaster build and need the funds to finish that project. Can't afford to have two super nice guitars right now. Which is unfortunate, because I really don't want to get rid of this.

-MJT double bound alder tele body - ordered as closet clean, Lake Placid Blue, without string through holes. Cream binding. The finish has some wear in a couple spots, and scratches/dings here and there from regular use. I never planned on selling it, so I've been fine with the wear it's gotten, hence getting MJT to make it in the first place. Their finishes are super thin and very well done. There are a couple of spots that have finish cracks/checking happening. Looks cool.

-The neck is a 1994 Fender MIM Squier Series Tele neck, my favorite tele neck I've ever played. It's a D shaped neck profile with a 10.5" radius. Super comfy, fairly thin, but plays great. The frets are vintage sized and have plenty of life in them. This is a Fender neck and not a Squier neck, to clarify.

-Lindy Fralin Blues Specials pickup set, with a 2% overwound neck pickup.
-Mastery M4.1 Bigsby for Tele bridge
-Bigsby B5
-Callaham Front roller upgrade kit.
-Callaham Upgraded Main String Shaft for Bigsby.
-Callaham Parchment 3-ply Pickguard and screws
-Callaham Stainless Steel neck plate and screws
-Callaham 4-way switch.
-Wired with cloth wiring and 250k CTS pots.
-Electro socket jack cup.
-Sperzel locking tuners.
-Schaller strap locks.
-Genuine Tweed Fender case.

Let me know if you have any questions.

More photos on listing at: https://reverb.com/item/3490420-fender-mjt-parts-tele-custom-with-bigsby-and-hsc
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Kennesaw, GA


    1. Alaman
      Those mid-90's Fender "Squire Series" necks from Mexico were some great necks (both strat and tele)!
      1. rubercoober
        Absolutely! They're way better than people would think.
        Dec 12, 2016