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For Sale Fender Lead & 70s Telecaster Deluxe hardtail bridge For Sale

Uncommon bit of metal.

USD 65.00
This hardtail bridge was used with the original, Fullerton-made Fender Lead I, II, and III guitars from 1979-1982. The intonation screws have lock nuts and no springs, which is correct for the Lead series. The entire bridge assembly is also common to the 70s Telecaster Deluxe which used springs instead of lock nuts. I believe the saddles were used on the original Starcaster, also. The assembly should fit an American Standard, but the block saddles are different.

Chrome plated steel plate, (3) holes for mounting screws spaced 1 5/8" center to center, (6) holes for string-through, 2 1/16" center to center string spacing. Cast, chromed, block saddles numbered "011032" and "2" on the underside. Inline intonation screws, not offset. The plate has slight indentations in the chrome from the grub screws, but doesn't have grooves.

Salvaged from a Lead II that died in the mid-80s when a teenaged idiot (no, not me) smashed it against a tree in a fit of adolescent pique.

$65.00 USD, plus shipping.
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A wooded acre in Western NY


    1. Rockbreaker
      Where are you upstate? I have a cabin near Liberty, just north of Monticello.
      Any chance you would do 60 shipped?
    2. Rockbreaker
      i'll take it. what's your ppal address?
      1. archetype
        Greetings. PM sent to you.
        Sep 27, 2020