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For Sale Fender CIJ Telecaster Neck w/Rosewood and Kluson-style tuners Sold

CIJ Tele Neck w/Rosewood board and Kluson-style tuners

USD 235.00
Fender CIJ Telecaster Neck w/Rosewood Board and Kluson-style tuners
Crafted in Japan. Serial #: Q025803 = Year 2002-2004
Vintage 7.25 inch radius

This neck came on a '62 Custom reissue that I bought new in 2004. I also used it on two other bodies since then. The screw holes lined up perfectly on all three bodies. The holes are still nice and tight as the neck was only removed and mounted during the build up of those three guitars. There are no nicks or dents in the vintage tinted gloss finish.

Frets and nut are in good shape. With a bright light at an angle you can see some beginnings of wear in the lower frets (1 through 5) but nothing you can feel while playing. There is room in the nut if you want to file it down for lower action. I typically use 10-46 string gauge. I've always had more than one guitar around so it wasn't like this was getting constant use for the past fourteen years.

The Kluson-style tuners (with the slot on top and a hole in the peg to insert the string end) turn smoothly with no looseness or tuning issues. String tree is also included.

Mounting screws are not included. I do have a Squier-branded neck plate I can throw in if you need.

A similar neck from Warmoth starts at $260 not including tuners or shipping.

You can buy this Fender neck for $235 including the tuners.
Buyer pays actual cost of shipping (estimate $13-$20 based on zip code).
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Fairfax, VA


    1. slo-tex
      I would like to purchase your cij neck if it's still available, my zip is 79095,
      If you will let me know a total with shipping and what kind of payment you prefer I'll get you paid.
      1. telel6s
        Hi Steve. The neck is yours. I'm looking up the shipping to you.
        PayPal works best. Please email me at rfyrocks@yahoo.com for us to finalize the details.

        Nov 4, 2018
      2. slo-tex
        Thank you, email sent.
        Nov 4, 2018