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For Sale Fender Blues Junior - Humboldt Limited Ed For Sale

Awesome Blues Junior

USD 400.00
Very nice limited Blues Junior Humboldt that have a noticeable warm and fuller tone than the base model. I purchased this barely used from Guitar Center and used is sparingly over the last 2 years.

What sets this one apart from the base model is the factory upgraded Eminence Hempster speaker and from what I read it has a 7 layer 3/4 Particle Board cab construction over the standard model which uses MFD.

I had my amp tech do one additional mod, replacing the Output Transformer with Allen Amplification T020B see below for reference:


This amp just chimes, notes are clear and full, highly recommended mod especially for gigging players that want that warm and clear chime. Awesome Telecaster Amp now!

Included is the factory slip cover and amp still has the factory Groove Tubes.

Please contact me prior for estimated shipping costs.
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Mountain View,CA


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