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For Sale/Trade Fender Blues Deluxe 1990s USA For Sale

well-loved workhorse...

USD 500.00
This is a well-loved Fender Blues Deluxe....made in USA, not a reissue. Sounds awesome and just had major overhaul (for $220) at Dave's Sound Repair here in NJ. Several new tube sockets, new input jacks and other tuneup items. New AC cord, several new pots. Only hitch is that there is currently no reverb in the amp. I plugged in a reverb tank from my Super Reverb and the circuit works, I just don't have a pan in it currently. I've been using this amp, my second in this series, for several years and it's been trouble free. Loud and clear and of course a great pedal platform or can be used in the good old dual channel format. I have the metal 'Fender' badge and the rear panel and will be included. They were kind of tacked on and I didn't want them to go missing. Comes with a brown vinyl Fender-logo'd cover.

Hoping to sell locally, NY-NJ area for now. $500 cash in person or best offer at some point. Would ship at cost, but having shipped many amps, this could be close to $60. Might consider a trade for some sort of small low-watt EL-head. Or towards an older Goodsell Super 17 combo. Or towards a Deluxe Reverb or maybe something like a Bassman or other short chassis head. Try me...
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