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SOLD Fargen Townhouse 5W head w/Master Volume (asking $725) For Sale/Trade

Vintage tweed and brownface inspired tones. Hand-wired. Made in the USA!

USD 725.00
I am selling a 2015 Fargen Townhouse 5 watt head. I called and ordered this directly from Ben Fargen. We spoke for over an hour about the build on this amp. This is a "special" one. One of the last ones made so Ben Fargen built the entire amp himself. I know 5 Watts can be extremely LOUD so I had him put a master volume in it so now it's even MORE super useful as a home/recording amp. As I said though, with the master full up, it is surprisingly loud!

Fargen Townhouse 5 watt head:
Two-way Decade Switch features a 50's setting with vintage tweed-inspired tones, and a 60′s setting inspired by brownface tones.

Hand-wired design
2-Way Decade switch
Swap between six different power tubes
Vintage 60's style mustard caps
Vintage style Carbon comp resistors
USA built transformers

I've used 5881 and 6L6 power tubes and they have their own characteristics. I've also tried some NOS preamp tubes which will also give tonal variations over the supplied JJ preamps. This amp is a Fargen creation - and he's captured the Fender Tweed/Brownface tones impeccably. This amp is, in essence, two amps in one and is very pedal-friendly.

(Head shown on top of an Avatar 1x12 cabinet)

I had no intention of selling this as I think it eats up those Swart 5 watt tweed style amps and it also nails the Brownface tone-but I bought a higher wattage Lil' Dawg ChochoPrince which is a clone of a Bronwface Princeton in a Combo version for easier portability.

Empty Avatar 1x12 cab (Convertible back) may also be available for sale - if you're interested maybe we could make a deal.

I'm asking (make me an offer!) $725 for the Fargen Townhouse 5W head.

I'll also consider trades for other amps - nothing particular in mind - but I wouldn't want to have to add cash.

LOCAL NJ DEAL (NO SHIPPING) IS BETTER!!! (but I have shipped and will ship again - CONUS Only!)
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Branchburg, NJ