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For Sale Emmons 8 string E9 Pedal Steel Guitar For Sale

Pedal steel guitar than can be played in stand up syle as an option.

USD 495.00
Emmons 8 string Pedal Steel Guitar

Tuning is the lower 8 strings of a 10 string E9. (B D E F# G# B E G#)

It has 2 pedals which are the A and B pedals of the E9 tuning. Most of the distinctive E9 sounds are on those two pedals.

Lightweight. It's weight is only around 20 lbs.

This guitar has the option of being played as a "stand up" pedal steel. Only difference is a second set of pedal rods which are longer. The legs are fully adjustable to any height.

It has been upgraded to allow for pedals to operate on all of the eight strings for more tuning options. Originally only four of the strings could be worked with the pedals.
This is basically an Emmons push-pull changer without lowering options.
Has a lot of tone, volume and bite for a little guitar.

Fits nicely into a gig bag for carrying. (Included) Very light guitar. It's easily transported and set up.

$495 . Phone, message or email. 404 7830seven 83
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