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For Sale Custom Guitar Building Book - Download For Sale

The most complete guide to building a custom guitar. 174 pages with hundreds of large color photos!

USD 16.99
This book is only available as a download from Kindle / Amazon.


This book was inspired by people asking very simple questions that required simple, yet thorough answers.

There are several right ways to build an electric guitar. The methods demonstrated in this book are aimed at the beginner builder who has a sparse tool chest and limited experience.

It is designed to offer an introduction to building electric guitars using basic, yet well-established assembly techniques. This is not an advanced manual for the highly experienced builder. It is laid out in such a clear, concise manner that once you’ve built your first guitar, you will find it a handy reference manual for future projects or for simply looking up specific information in one of the chapters.

If this is your first build, it is suggested that you stick with the methods as described so you can avoid learning “the expensive” lessons. Sometimes a seemingly great idea or approach doesn’t quite work out the way you planned. So try to benefit from the experience that has gone into the preparation of this book in hopes that you will become as addicted to guitar building as I have over the years.

If you’re in a rush to build a guitar, put this book down and walk away.
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