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For Sale Custom Fender Pro Jr., 12" speaker (Davidson NC pickup only) For Sale

Fender Pro Jr. mounted in custom after-market cabinet with Eminence "The Wizard" speaker

USD 450.00
Sorry guys, I don't want the shipping hassle. Anyone reasonably close to Davidson/Charlotte, have at it!

This is a customized Fender Pro Jr. It's housed in a custom-built oversized wood cabinet finished in tooled-leather look tolex. This cabinet houses a 12" Eminence "The Wizard." This speaker suits the amp perfectly, and it's high-efficiency 102.8 dB/1 watt sensitivity make the most of the Pro Jr.'s output stage. Amp includes fitted cover shown.

The amp has one modification, there is a switch installed to defeat the negative feedback loop. When the switch is "on", amp is as manufactured. With the switch "off", the negative feedback loop is disconnected, giving a slightly rawer and more aggressive tone.

Tubes are all J.J.'s, Amp is LOUD and sounds great, especially for rock and blues. Perfectly adequate for gigging, would also make a good amp for blues harp.

This has been my go-to amp for a number of years, but I'm just not playing enough these days. This amp deserves to be played.
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Davidson, North Carolina
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