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For Sale/Trade Custom Dual Overdrive SOLD

Custom built dual OD. Marshall Blues Breaker - Supro Supreaux Deux

USD 150.00
Seriously cool pedal here. Custom built one off (no idea who built it) dual overdrive. One side sports a Madbean 8-Ball and the other side a Runoffgrovove Supreaux Deux,

The 8-ball apes the original black box Marshall Blues Breaker while the Supreaux Deux goes after the tone of a vintage Valco/Supro amp.

I've had an original Blues Breaker since the 90's. It's been my favorite low gain overdrive ever since. The 8=ball side is the best clone I've experienced. Not only does it nail the tone, it nails the feel, dynamics and interaction with the guitars volume and tone controls. It also has a smidge more gain on tap.

The Supro side is real cool. while it's not for everyone, (ala the BB) if you are one who get's it, you'll fall in love. It responds and reacts like a cool, old Valco amp where all the action happens with the the amps volume control. I had a JHS SuperBolt for a while and as good as that pedal is, I honestly prefer this one.

So, two killer low gainers together in one super sweet looking package. while each side sounds killer alone, you can create some sweet, smokey, funky, lo-fi, fat, stinging bluesy tones combining the two sides.

$150.00 shipped or trade for EH B9, EH C9 or Mel 9.
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Federal Way, WA


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