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For Sale combo tube amps EL84 and 6V6 Sold

custom made combo tube amps

USD 225.00
awesome little 13w to 25w custom made tube practice amps. Some started life as an organ amp, some as PA amps. I don't play but my son loves auditioning every single build.
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New Market, Md.


    1. Rockbreaker
      What's the output on the chassis shown on the next to last photo? how much for that one?
    2. Satchel68
      What size speakers are in them? Also which one is the 6V6 and what are the watts of it?
      1. whatadish
        all are 12" vintage Jensen alnico...the brown combo has a dual input 6V6 Newcomb in it. The brown one also currently has 20' of expensive Mogami patch cord on an auto re-tractor. I cant include the retractor for the 225.00, but if desired it can be mounted in any of the combo units for 75.00 extra.
        Jun 10, 2020