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Wanted Cheaper 80s MIJ Fender Tele Wanted

Fender MIJ Tele

USD 500.00
Looking for an 80s MIJ tele someone wants to let go at a lower price, mods/dings okay. Looking for a tele to throw a bender into. PM with info etc.
Item Location? (required):
St. Paul, MN


    1. Dietcokedream
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      3. Dietcokedream
        I’m surprised it isn’t re listed
        Aug 24, 2020
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      4. JJLC
        Aug 25, 2020
      5. fenderbender4
        Damn, missed it.
        Aug 26, 2020
    2. JJLC
      you looking for ash body, or ?
      maple board, or rose?
      complete, or project?
      I'm in St Paul 2.