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For Sale BearFoot FX Honey Bee Overdrive For Sale


USD 115.00
I have for sale a used, but excellent condition BearFoot FX Honey Bee OD. I bought this to play around with and just do not use effects at the end of the day and enjoy going right into the amp. I liked how it sounded as it was not an overpowering drive pedal. The finish is one I have not seen a lot either looking around online. BearFoot FX referred to it as a limited edition honey beerst finish. I like how it looks, it is built very well and I do not see too many for sale out there. I have listed information below from the BearFoot FX website.

Let me know if you have any questions. No trades and price includes shipping to continental US only.

The classic Honey Bee Overdrive…a small vintage combo amp in a pedal. The Honey Bee sounds and reacts like small vintage combos with nicely worn tubes and speakers. Operates between 5V-15V.

The Volume knob controls the overall volume without changing the distortion. The Drive knob varies the distortion complexity and saturation. The middle control adjusts the “nature” of the EQ. Begin with this control at straight-up “noon.” To the right there is a subtle adjustment to the upper frequencies with the most treble at full clockwise. Turning this control counterclockwise from noon adds in lows and changes the distortion saturation interactively with the Drive knob. And at full counterclockwise, the Honey Bee is fully bloated and saturated like a small combo pushed to its limits.
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