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For Sale Barber Direct Drive V3 For Sale

Overdrive Pedal

USD 115.00
Dave Barber makes some of the best overdrives anywhere. This is a great version in the Direct Drive lineage Solid, top quality construction, no surface mounted components. Versatile and very amp like. In perfect condition with box and paperwork. Picture is a stock photo. Mine is in perfect working and cosmetic condition. With box and paper.

Barber Electronics website; Measuring only 2.3” wide, the Direct Drive V3 brings a colossal catalog of vintage British voice to your pedal-board. We packed the most desirable sounds of the Direct Drive, Direct Drive Low Gain (LG) and Super Sport into one clean and compact pedal. If you like the sound of the early UK combos with kt66 tubes, it's in there. If you bleed for the sound of a 4 input head with a wall of 4x12 cabs, it's in there. If you live for the sound of a carefully modified master volume gem from the early 80's, it's in there too. The Compact Direct Drive uses a simple layout of three knobs, a gain toggle and a harmonics toggle to delivery it's wide array from elastic-bells of GZ34-sag, to the hells-bells of a tight EL34-crush.

Calls only. No trades. $115 includes shipping to CONUS.
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