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Wanted Ash Tele Body. Wanted


  1. Boston Maine Mike
    If you want a nice project body for cheap, I've got one.
    It has been sealed and grain filled with black stain and sanded back.
    Somewhat messy but nice body overall. No mounting been done.
    I can take some pics with my phone if interested?
    $75 & shipping
    Somerville, MA
  2. MrYeats
    do you want any certain kind of config? SS, SH, HH?
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    2. MrYeats
      I will post some pix on a new thread,,,tell me what you think...give it 5 or so minutes.
      Feb 12, 2020
    3. MrYeats
    4. Strato50
      Sent a pm
      Feb 12, 2020
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