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Pedals and other musical gear

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I'm doing a gear dump and selling off all of my pedals and other misc musical gear. Here's a link to a folder that contains a spreadsheet of the items for sale and pics:


Some pedals have velcro on the back, others don't. Some come with the box, others don't. Please PM me for more info on anything listed.

PRICING: As of writing this, everything for sale is negotiable. Of course the more you buy the more you save. I have a vague idea of how much each thing costs, so please send an offer. It'll probably get accepted.

PAYMENT: Looking for PayPal only. I don't have any of this stuff listed on Reverb. If you would like the extra safety of going with them for the sale, I can post these so you can buy them that way. But I'd much rather just private sale it all.

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything listed. I'm located in the Houston, TX area. Thanks!
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Houston, TX


    1. Nubs
      I believe the iRig would be exclusive to the Apple products. Not sure but you might want to do some quick research to confirm. I'll sell it for $30.

    2. juankyman
      Hi! Is the irig exclusive for the ipad and other ios devices or could it be used with android too? How much for it?