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For Sale 85 year old flattop For Sale

Pre War Flattop

USD 350.00
This guitar was hanging on the wall of a coffee shop in Willcox, AZ. After a number of years I finally got the owner to sell it to me. I did a neck reset (It's not cosmetically perfect but it is functional) and re glued the bridge. It plays nicely and has the ladder-bracing.

It is a Henry L Mason guitar, Made in the 1930s for Coastal Music in California. It was built by Harmony and is identical to several other Harmony made models

This one is approximately 15” wide and 11” wide at the top bout. It has a slotted headstock, the length of the guitar is approximately 19” and 3 ¾” deep.

It has a 25” scale and a 14 fret neck. Inside the guitar, stamped between the neck block and the first rear brace are the numbers: 3578 157.

There is no serial # to be found nor are there any other markings.

$350 plus shipping
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Cochise, AZ