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For Sale '79 SF Super Reverb w/Eminence Alnico Blues For Sale

Player's-grade Super w/upgraded speakers!

USD 700.00
Additional info and pics at MY REVERB SITE.
$700 plus actual shipping costs (but would prefer a sale in SoCal.)

NOTE: This is the 70w, SS Ultralinear rectifier model from 1979

A players-grade SF Super that has all the classic tones and will stay rich and clean, even at loud volumes. Amp is fully-functional, dependable, and will deliver the goods and serve as an excellent pedal platform. Don't be swayed by the cosmetics- I've gigged this amp for rock, blues, country, and jazz gigs with great results.

This Super was purchased from, and has been maintained over the years, by Robert Dixon @ Amphole in Burbank, CA, the top amp technician in Los Angeles. It has been used as backline, been toured and recorded, so it has wear and tear in the Tolex and on the grille (see photos). Speakers were upgraded by Dixon to '98 Eminence 10446 10" Alnico Blues, which add to the 3-D character of the amp, along with a little extra sparkle. These are the same speakers used in the early Bassman RIs and Vibro Kings.

Prefer a sale in SoCal, but I will only ship to the lower 48 states. Pickup available in Southern California if you want to save shipping charges. Happy to drive and meet up if it's not an unreasonable drive from LA.
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Los Angeles, CA