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For Sale 5e3 tweed Deluxe head cabinet with custom Tuki cover For Sale

Poplar, finished in Honey Pine, fits Mojotone chassis

USD 160.00
For sale is one (1) 5e3 Tweed Deluxe headshell made of poplar and finished in Minwax Polyshades Honey Pine. It was handmade by me to fit a Mojotone 5e3 chassis, and it does so perfectly. I no longer have my Mojotone Tweed Deluxe chassis, so I've decided to sell this headshell.

It was made of solid poplar, with rabbet joints at the top and the bottom. These joints are very tight and hardly noticeable. They were glued and reinforced with cleats that are screwed into the inside of the headshell. This this is rock-solid and square, and it looks gorgeous. You can see that the poplar on the top and the front of the headshell look an awful lot like maple.

The headshell comes with a Mojotone leather handle, Mojotone 1/2" rubber feet, and a custom-fit padded cover, made by Tuki. In the inside of the headshell, there is a homemade tube chart for a 5e3 "Honey Deluxe" on one side and a velcro loop attached to the other side to keep a coiled-up power cord in place. The back panels attach with oval-head wood screws and Tinnerman washers (included). The top back panel has radio-frequency shielding and felt to keep the wood from rattling against the chassis when in operation.

The measurements are: 19-7/8” long, 8-1/2” deep, 11-7/16” tall (including the ½” rubber feet). Chassis-mounting holes are 13-1/2" apart. The oxblood grille cloth is mounted on plywood so that one can’t see through the grille cloth, as in other examples of 5e3 headshells. There is one imperfection on the bottom of the headshell where I dinged it in transport. I filled it with wood filler, sanded it, and refinished it in Polyshades Honey Pine as before. See the photo where my finger is pointing to a spot that’s slightly smaller than a penny.

NOTE WELL: the chassis that is in some of the photos is for reference only and is not included in the sale.

$160 shipped and paypal'd in lower 48 states.

Lots of photos at Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/27859723-5e3-tweed-deluxe-headshell-poplar-with-custom-tuki-cover
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