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For Sale 2004 Fender 8502 Telecaster For Sale


USD 1,100.00
For sale is a 2004 Fender American Ash Telecaster, AKA the 8502. I am selling off my electric gear (at least for now) as I am primarily an acoustic player.

This is the 2-tone sunburst with the special pickups available only on that model. U-neck, ash body, 6-saddle bridge. Good overall condition, but does have a few nicks; two actually are tiny chips (as in the pics), rest are indentations. Typical swirls and wear. A bit over 8 pounds weight. Sorry, I don't have a scale, but it feels lighter than the prior one I owned as I recall, which was closer to 9.

The case is an upgrade over what was stock for that guitar. There was no key when I bought it.

I had the master setup done by my luthier; frets dressed and recrowned, plenty of life left.

NO trades, please don't ask.

$1100 PP'ed and shipped CONUS.

I'll soon list my 1965 Fender VibroChamp as well.
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Latrobe PA