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For Sale 1998 American Deluxe Trans Teal For Sale

Beutiful one piece ash body. Excellent condition.

USD 1,400.00
I am selling my 1998 Fender American Deluxe. This 3 pickup version ran from mid 97 through mid 98
It is all original with 3 Fender noisless pickups, 5 way switch and a mini toggle that adds the bridge with neck in positions 1 and 2. The body is solid one piece ash and is riftsawn/quartersawn.
I think the word rare is way overused in guitar listings but I have an email from Fender stating that there were only 213 of this model made in Transparent Teal.
The only issue with this guitar is a dime size wear in the nickel plating on the bridge probably from the previous owner resting his pinky there.
Comes with original case and some case candy.
Item Location? (required):
Atoka, Tennessee


    1. Bravery16
      If you still have it text me at 865-456-7116
    2. Bravery16
      Do you still have it? I'm in Knoxville TN.
    3. blind radish
      I think you can ask more than $1 for this fine instrument!
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      2. Freakyfresh
        Thanks, lol. Its my first classified. I thought I edited the price.
        Feb 21, 2017