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For Sale 1974 Martin D-28 For Sale

Vintage Bliss!

USD 2,100.00
Selling my 1974 Martin D-28. Overall very nice condition. The action is nice and low with plenty of saddle left. No cracks.

It had the typical-of-70s misplaced bridge. I had a luthier scoot it back to the proper spot; he grafted the finish from the spot the bridge needed to be to the vacated area. While noticeable, it preserved the original finish. Intonates perfectly now!

I also had him replace a curled pick guard with a new one (he aged it to make it look consistent with the rest of the guitar) and added open-gear Waverly tuners. The originals are available to the buyer.

It comes with the original case. While it does have its share of minor play wear, it has no cracks at all. It's had 45 years to mellow into a nice vintage Martin.

Now $2100 shipped! No trades please.
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Latrobe, PA
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