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For Sale 1963 Fender Blackface Deluxe Amp - Pre-CBS - Non Reverb For Sale

An almost perfect example of a very early 63 blackface deluxe.

USD 2,500.00
Check out my Reverb Shop’s reviews and purchase with confidence :)


Let me start by saying that this is almost a museum-worthy example of a very early 1963 Fender Deluxe amp. This is the very first year blackface amps went into production. It was a transitioning period for Leo Fender’s brownface deluxe. As such, you’ll find, if you’re lucky, rare blackface amps such as this one with parts commonly used in Brownface amps. The AA763 circuit is evidence of this transition.
This is truly a gem of an amp- a rare find, indeed.

Serial #A00230 tells us this was one of the first produced.

It’s in immaculate condition with only a handful of very subtle cosmetic flaws.

Everything is original with the exception of:
- a new 3 prong power cord (will include original 2 prong)

- JJ power tubes

- New Alessandro GA-SC64 Eminence Speaker (This is in my opinion the greatest vintage American voiced speaker on the market. There couldn’t be a better pairing).

- electrolytic caps have been replaced (filter, bias and cathode bypass). This is to be expected. Last inspection and maintenance was performed mid 2018 and it was given a clean bill of health. (I will include the capacitors that came with the amp when I purchased it; I believe them to be original).

- Pilot light bulb replaced (will include original).

The transformers are original.

I believe the pictured 5AR4 GZ34 tube is original, as well. It still functions great so I haven’t needed to replace it. I will include all of the tubes that came with it when it was purchased. I cannot tell if they are NOS or original.

The tolex is in fantastic condition. It’s held up surprisingly well. It’s been babied, for sure.

The volume pots are a little scratchy. This just popped up last month but can easily be remedied with a quick cleaning.

There are very subtle flaws in the grill clothe- these are pictured. All things considered it is in amazing shape. Very clean. Since purchasing it, I have only used it in my home studio.

A previous owner drilled two small holes in the back panel (pictured). I’m not sure why but for the sake of transparency I am disclosing it.

There is a very slight indention on the right side of the cabinet (pictured).

No rusting, rattling, lose parts. It works amazingly well. The sound from this amp is otherworldly. The cleans are the most complex 3-dimensional tones I’ve heard.

Does not include footswitch, which is required to turn the tremolo/ vibrato on.

please review the serial number pictured, parts, etc. and contact me with absolutely any questions you might have.
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East Point, GA


    1. Skydog1010
      That's hard to imagine it had survived in that shape, absolutely incredible. How for shipping to Raleigh NC? :twisted:
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      3. MitchJ89
        I’d have to crunch some numbers with FedEx but I have shipping listed at $100 on Reverb.
        If you’re interested, shoot me a message and we can talk it out :) I’m open to negotiations.
        Sep 5, 2019
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      4. MitchJ89
        Once it sells, I intend to take it to a trustworthy shop to have the speaker and tubes pulled from the cabinet and have it all professionally packaged.
        Sep 5, 2019
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    2. theprofessor
      Gorgeous! Good luck with the sale!
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      2. MitchJ89
        Thanks! It really is something else. Hoping to make someone’s year :)
        Sep 3, 2019