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For Sale 1951 Jensen P12P, 8Ω, re-coned by Ken Day For Sale

magnificent condition, sounds beautiful

USD 95.00
For sale is one (1) 1951 Jensen P12P alnico guitar amp speaker, labeled Bell & Howell. It has a ribbed cone. It was originally a 16Ω speaker, but the impedance was changed to 8Ω when it was re-coned (DCR measures 5.6 Ω) by Ken Day. Original P12P's were rated for about 25W of power handling, but this should handle considerably more than that after the re-cone. It has a 40W voice coil. No fragile cone here with repairs or dried out glue or worn out voice coils.

It is in excellent condition and sounds gorgeous. Big, round, bass with sweet top end. Not spiky at all, and it doesn't "clank" like a lot of other alnicos I've heard (kind of a percussive, hard sound); nor does it "fart out." It holds together really nicely. Magnificent for any amp where a 12" alnico with this rating is desirable.

$95 shipped and paypal'd in CONUS.

If you can't see the pics I inserted from the Media Gallery below, I'm happy to send photos by PM or email.

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    1. SnidelyWhiplash
      These are great speakers. Perfect for a tweed Fender & the price is less
      than a new speaker. Win-win!

      Good luck with the sale. :cool:
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