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For Sale 10 Watt Fat Champ Chassis For Sale

Shock Brother Builder

USD 320.00
$300 plus $20 Shipped USPS Priority Shipping.

As a way of saying “thank you” to TDPRI and my Fellow Shock Brothers I am offering this 10 Watt Fat Champ Chassis to any Fellow TDPRI’er for the price of parts. I’m donating my time to build it.

Why would you do this, you might ask? Well, I survived a very serious battle with Cancer 2 years ago that focused me on “what is really important” in life. When the Pandemic hit in early 2020 I had just finished selling of a lot of Music Gear cuz you “cant take it with you”. After I sold locally my last beautiful Swart Tweed Amp, I had the idea “I want to build an Amp” some time before I die.

I bought my first Amp Building Kit from Mojotone and was off to the races! With the help of some truly fabulous and talented people over in the Shock Brothers Amp Building Forum I have built around a dozen Amps during the Quarantine. I’ve learned a lot. Met a bunch of fun Amp Loving Musicians and Even made some friends along the way.

So, as long as I can, I plan to keep building. I LOVE the Tweed era, Leo Fender inspired designs. I especially love the sound of a nice Single Ended Tube Amp. I put them up For Sale on Reverb at a markup to help me buy tools and supplies, etc., but I also from time to time offer them “at cost” here to Fiends here at the TDPRI Community

I hope this might allow one of the guys here a chance to own a great sounding, meticulously built, top quality component loaded, hand wired amp!

This is for the working Chassis only. You provide your own tubes, speaker and Cabinet! Perfect project for you guys with Woodworking Skills.

Reach out if you have questions or comments - Would love to hear from you!

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And a few pics!
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Phoenix, AZ


    1. soundchaser59
      Wow! Kudos to you, your new skills, and your selfless motive.

      I still have a bit of gear debt to pay off, but if it's still here later and nobody else has grabbed it I'll sure give it my best college try.

      Man, somebody should jump on this bargain steal deal.
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    2. Kevin Wolfe
      beautiful build my brother! You've come a long way indeed.
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    3. JeffBlue
      Glad you beat the sickness and you're still here. If I could afford to buy your amp chassis, I'd buy it. A 10 watt champ would sound great. I wish you and yours' the best and Happy New Year.
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