Tele Electronics

Some Tele Pickup Wiring Diagrams — (links have been fixed)

3-way Standard Tele




FENDER 4 way switch with master volume and master tone

4 way switch with master volume and master tone which is a nice upgrade to the stock 3 way switch. This is the same diagram that Fender provides when you purchase a 4-way switch from them. This mod works best if the neck and bridge pickups have opposite polarity. Here are the switch positions:
POS 1 = Bridge alone
POS 2 = Neck + Bridge (parallel)
POS 3 = Neck alone
POS 4 = Neck + Bridge (series

GUITAR-MOD POWER TELE: Hum/Single with 5 way switch
Got a tele with humbucker in the neck and a single coil in the bridge? Looking for an interesting and versatile way to hook this up. Look no further!! This one requires a 5 way super switch to get a coil split in positions 2 and 4. Here is the switching:

  • Position 1 = Bridge pickup alone
  • Position 2 = Bridge pickup and SPLIT neck pickup
  • Position 3 = Bridge pickups and FULL neck pickup
  • Position 4 = SPLIT neck pickup
  • Position 5 = FULL neck pickup.

5 positions including neck/bridge in series, as well neck/bridge in series and out of phase! Some have found that some of the 5 way super switches are a bit too bulky for a Tele, but this one sold by WD music products (part # WDE5XL) seems to fit just fine into a Tele control cavity.
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29 Responses to “Tele Electronics”
  1. Mark PDX says:

    I got a “404” when I clicked on the “50’s Esquire” wiring diagram:

  2. MikeMurray says:

    Same thing with “5 WAY TELE”

  3. PixelMover says:

    Hmm — looks like an older version of the page?

  4. giglesswonder says:

    Still getting the same to-day

  5. maddog says:

    How can I get the 5 way tele diagram??

  6. rhum66 says:

    Hello everybody !

    I was here on ressources, to find a wiring very spécial ( but didn’ t find it …) :

    – Standart 3 way télécaster wiring + esquire “speciality” : the bridge pickup direct to volume pots without tone control.

    Is it possible or not ? What kind of switch do i have to buy ? and is there other thing to change ( capa etc …)

    (my project is too had a neck pickup to my Esquire without loosing that very spécial sparkle modjo which is the spéciality of the esquire).

    Thanks you for your answer.


  7. ArminSolo says:

    I need to know how to properly wire a single conductor cable humbucker in the neck with a single coil in the bridge, while using a 3-way switch.

  8. joelster says:


    Nothing but broken links here. Where should I look?

  9. f5joe says:

    Why no linkies? Take ’em down otherwise. Thanks, Joe

  10. EilifF says:

    Hello People !

    I’ve just faced a challenge concerning a wiring job… And I’m just asking if anyone out there could give me some helpful advice about this ? I’m very happy to get some. Well, here it is… I have an electric guitar with a very special circuit, I have not soldered any of the parts yet. So, what I need, is just a complete wiring diagram which illustrates the connection between the parts mentioned beneath;

    – 2 humbuckers (bridge and neck)
    – 1 single coil (middle)
    – 4 pot.meters; that means; 2 for volume and 2 for tone.
    – One 6-way rotary pickup-switch, with 2 wafers.

    I’m happy if I only can get a sound out of this, but first of all I want following pickup combinations when using the rotary switch:

    1. neck only
    2. neck & middle
    3. all three
    4. middle & bridge
    5. neck & bridge
    6. bridge only

    …if this works, of course.

    One detail:

    Each of the humbuckers do have 3 wires connected. One of these soldered to ground, and the others I’m not sure about, but both of them are leads, they are 2 of a same size (one of them red and the other white. I think this means that these are “split pickups”, I dunno). The single coil on the other hand, has only 2 wires connected, one of them soldered to ground.

    I hope that my description is given enough details, please tell me if not and I’ll be trying to figure it out even more. I am very very happy if anyone out there could help me e little with this. Thanks.


    • tim2b98 says:

      I ran across some info on a rotery switch a few years back from Dan Torres! He has a website that is full of great stuff! I got my info in a lttle flyer in the mail they were doing at the time, but I would almost bet if you called and asked! He would tell you right over the phone because that is just the kind of personal service that I have received!

  11. Mactoad says:

    Have a Tele with Seymore Duncan ’59 Humbucker in the neck, ’51 single coil bridge pup.
    I have a 3-way “on-on-on switch to run the humbucker Series / split / parallel mounted in the control plate,
    with a 5-way “Super-switch”, and a 250k No-load Tone pot.
    Thinking of using .22 caps …

    What is the most versatile way to wire these components?

  12. avagadro says:

    your 5 way diagram uses 500 pots. will 250’s work correctly? and is this set up for 1.neck , 2. N and B in parallel, 3. bridge, 4. N and B in series out of phase, 5. N and B in series?

  13. RobPvd says:

    If you are using a CRL switch (I got mine from Callaham), it needs to be oriented in a specific direction, or the above 3-way diagrams will not work (no middle position signal). Just an fyi, as I spent the last 2 evenings trying to troubleshoot a new installation.
    When in the middle position, only two of the opposite end lugs are closed (common); these are the ones you need to attach each pickups’ hot lead to. The other two are open and will result in no signal.

    Find the CRL schematic diagram on this page:

  14. Twang Addict says:

    I’m looking for a nice clear sounding tele neck pickup to replace the stock one in mine now. Does any one out there have any suggestions?

  15. scotty dog says:

    hi there, can anybody help with, the jerry donahoue, correct
    wiring diagram, all the diagrams on the internet show a standard tele pick up in the neck,
    i am trying to replicate the fender ; jerry model , using a strat pick up in the neck.
    my guitar tech has figured all the positions exept pos2 / neck and bridge slightly out of phase,
    it cancels out the neck pick up, please help scotty dog

  16. pa47e says:

    Looking at the 5 way tele wiring, but am a bit confused by the recommendation of the 24 lug super switch and the wiring diagram shown which appears to be a regular 5 way switch. Maybe I’m just missing something, but any help would be greatly appreciated…………….

  17. pa47e says:

    Please ignore my previous post………I simply went brain dead for a moment and snapped as soon as I hit enter………

  18. crackercrumb says:

    Hey , I saw this wiring option called the “gibson” style wiring and tried it on my tele. it sounds good, a little more open and raw but, I want the standard way too.I didn’t want to drill a hole for a mini toggle so, I got a push pull tone pot and figured it wouldn’t be all that hard
    to have it both ways. what was I thinking? does anyone know of a site that might have instructions on how to accomplish this? thanks in advance.


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