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TDPRI Tele Resources

Your reference guide to your Telecaster guitar. Here you’ll find information on Serial Number Dating, building a Telecaster, Fender Headstock Shapes, Changing Strings, Relicing Your Guitar, Wiring and Soldering your pickups and controls, and much more.

How Old is your Telecaster? About the TDPRI
Dating your guitar


Dating Your Guitar — Serial Number Information and history to help you date your Fender Guitar

TDPRI History


History of the TDPRI — who are we, when did this start and why the odd name?

Working with your Telecaster’s electronics: Paisley Telecasters (& Floral’s, too)
Wiring tips

Soldering Tips — Ten tips to help you improve your soldering technique

Wiring Diagrams — Wire your Telecaster correctly

Paisley Telecaster


Unique Paisley Teles — the whole story, or as much as we know about them

How To: Build a Telecaster: But, will your Telecaster FLOAT????
DIY Telecaster Project


DIY Telecaster Project — Step-by-step photos of a Telecaster Build

Will your Tele float


Will your Telecaster Float? — Just like David Letterman’s show

How To: Relic Your Guitar: Fender Guitar Headstock Shapes
How to relic your guitar


DIY Relicing Project — One version of the "relic" process

Fender Headstock Shapes


Fender Guitar Headstock Shapes — Here’s a complete (more or less) list.

Telecaster Bridge Mods: Adjusting the Truss Rod
Baseplate materials


Base Plate Materials — Different base plate metals for your Telecaster’s bridge pickup

Adjusting the truss rod


Adjust your guitar’s truss rod — Here’s how to do it

Factory Telecaster Guitar Manuals: Changing Your Telecaster’s Strings
Telecaster manuals
Assorted Fender Factory Manuals
— A small sampling of older guitar manuals.
Change your strings

How to change strings — Here’s a beginner’s primer

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