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Supporting Vendors

Want to support the TDPRI and reach over a million individual guitar players worldwide every month?

Why Advertise Here?

The TDPRI and associated sister websites of the GearTalk Network reach millions of individual guitar players every single month. With over a million unique visits a month and more than 8 million page views a month our websites are the perfect place for you to get the word out about your products and services.

If you want to reach guitar players of all stripes to sell your products and services then THIS is the place to advertise.

Here are some of the ways you can reach your market with cost-effective advertising on the TDPRI:

1. Join the Vendor Program!

When you join the Vendor Program for $25 a month (on a reoccurring basis) or $250 a year you get privileges not available to other members. Like the ability to use a commercial username, have commercial links in your signature and permission to post product info and offers in our exclusive Vendor Forum. To find out more or to join the Vendor Program click here.

2. Purchase a Vendor Sponsor Button!

Vendor Sponsor Buttons are the 7 logo buttons you’ll find near the top of every page on the TDPRI. And, they are only available to a very limited number of vendors on a availability basis only. The size is a small 120 pixels by 60 pixels but will receive over 5 million impressions every single month. All Vendor Buttons must be paid for in advance and must be approved for publication:

Contact us at:

3. Purchase a Vendor Square!

Vendor Squares are new and very limited ads you’ll find on the right hand side of our pages on the TDPRI. The banner size is a large 150 pixels by 150 pixels and receive approx 22+ million impressions yearly. You can purchase a 1/4 share, 1/2 share, 3/4 share or 100% of those impressions for the year. All Vendor Squares must be paid for in advance and must be approved for publication:

If you’re ready to advertise your brand with one of our limited number of Vendor Squares contact us at: and we’ll fill you in on all the details and pricing.

4. Targeted Banner Advertising!

If you’d rather purchase one of our Banner Ads shown in various places on all of our websites we’ve got packages starting as little as $300 a month. Plus, we can custom target the delivery of your ads by country and even limit the time of day and the number of impressions per visit.

You’ll purchase exactly how many times to show your ads and have full access to detailed reporting and tracking. Four ad sizes are available: 768 by 90 pixels, 300 by 250 pixels, 160 by 600 pixels and 120 by 600 pixels.

Contact us at: for full details about Banner Advertising opportunities on the TDPRI and our other websites.

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