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Yamaha THR10 vs THR10x (for my current gear)

Discussion in 'Modeling Amps, Plugins and Apps' started by TDPhantom, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. TDPhantom

    TDPhantom NEW MEMBER!

    Aug 9, 2015
    Hey all,

    I'd consider myself a fairly versatile guitarist, but around 70% of my tones involve gain/overdrive in some form. I've heard very good things about the Yamaha THR series, and I needed a good sounding practice/recording amp but i'm torn between the 10 and 10x (I'm sticking with the 10 over the 5 because of the ability to use it as a bass amp, which I may need in the future).

    My current guitars include:
    Fender 2010 Japan Std Telecaster: Used for treble-y clean tones, light distortion/fuzz (basically think punk/grunge), some modulated cleans (funk, indie etc.).

    Epiphone Les Paul Standard: Used for Thicker cleans (usually as an offset for the tele), blues-y crunch tones, thick gainy leads, MAYBE metal if I find that I need a slightly different tone to accompany my M-1000.

    ESP LTD M-1000: ESP 81 loaded. Used for shred, metal, occasional modulated crunch/cleans (think stuff by akira yamaoka), basically all the kinds of stuff you'd use EMGs for.

    My amps:

    Fender Mustang I: Been using it as a practice/recording amp for a while, and while the fender sounds are fairly decent anything gain-related just sounds kinda fuzzy and awful. Will probably put it in storage and keep it as a backup when I get my Yamaha.

    Fender Super Reverb blackface: Kind of a hand-me-down, dont have many opportunities to use it as I live in an apartment so I suppose i'm just keeping it in the off-chance I find myself gigging.

    In Summary:

    So basically i'd like enough versatility to be able to comfortably achieve all the cleaner tones i've listed, but i'd also like my dirtier tones to be as authentic as possible. THR10x owners, do you think that amplifier would be a better choice for my setup than the 10/ can it still achieve good cleaner tones? The price difference is negligible, and i'd like to settle on an amp for practice and recording use basically until it dies, which is why i'm being so careful.

  2. KC_Crunch

    KC_Crunch TDPRI Member

    Jun 1, 2015
    Kansas City
    I haven't played the X, but I own the regular 10. I can vouch that (1) the full spectrum of sounds is a gigantic spectrum, and (2) the tones are amazing up and down.

    I play lots of clean tones on the Clean preset and even the Crunch one with the gain turned down. It's cool how you can dial in the "breakup" to be pretty much wherever you want it, or even non-existent on the Clean channel.

    Not sure if that helps. My guess is you won't be unhappy no matter which model you pick.

  3. Plan9

    Plan9 Tele-Meister

    Mar 29, 2014
    Reston, VA
    Again, not a 10x user, but every 10x demo I've heard has been metal-oriented. The regular 10 will do at least some of that (not sure how well - I'm a bad judge of that style). Best to try them if you can - one possibility is to use a pedal (metal muff or something like) that in front of the 10 if it won't quite achieve the gain you want. It would be hard to go in the other direction.

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