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Worst cities in America

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by MrCairo46, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. MrCairo46

    MrCairo46 Friend of Leo's

    My home town stays in the top 10 baby !!!

    9. Baltimore

    • Population: 614,664
    • Median home value: $153,500
    • Poverty rate: 21.9%
    • Pct. with at least a bachelor's degree:30.8%

    Baltimore's median annual household income of $47,350 is the lowest of any city in Maryland. The city's poor households face additional strain because of the high cost of living. Goods and services are about 12% more expensive in Baltimore than they are nationwide on average.

    Long commutes cut into personal time and can diminish overall quality of life. In Baltimore, a city with some of the most congested roadways in the country, the average commute time is over half an hour, longer than in the vast majority of American cities.
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  2. soulgeezer

    soulgeezer Poster Extraordinaire

    Nov 5, 2006
    Sinatra's World
    Hey, New Jersey is number 49 out of 50 for Worst Quality of Life in the US, according to US News and World Report.

    It's almost like they've actually visited here or something!

    And, we have two spots on the "Murder Capital" list -- Woo hoo!

    Number 9? You have a ways to go, son!
  3. Chip

    Chip Tele-Afflicted

    Feb 25, 2005
    Macedonia, Ohio
    Who else is on the list?
  4. BigDaddyLH

    BigDaddyLH Telefied Ad Free Member

    Link, please.

    Baltimore is great! John Waters!
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  5. BigDaddyLH

    BigDaddyLH Telefied Ad Free Member

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  6. getbent

    getbent Telefied Ad Free Member

    If Balmer had the Colts, Baltimore Bullets (unseld era) and Brooks & Frank Robinson... it would one of 5 best!
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  7. getbent

    getbent Telefied Ad Free Member

    are best and most livable synonymous?
  8. 1293

    1293 Poster Extraordinaire

    May 18, 2006
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  9. jondanger

    jondanger Poster Extraordinaire

    Jan 27, 2011
    Charm City, MD
    I assume this is the link:

    Maaaaaaan, don’t you live in Dundalk ? (Messing with ya Mc)

    BDLH - I drive by Divine’s grave every time I go to the YMCA.

    I got 18 crabs, a half pound of jumbo shrimp, 4 ears of corn and 12 Bohs for $50 on Monday night, so I feel pretty good about living here at the moment. Hell, I love it when I’m safety planning with moms who have medically fragile babies in Sandtown too. Now, my wife has been ready to move since someone got stabbed in our driveway, so there’s that . . .

    At least our junkie neighbors are getting evicted in 2 weeks? Brightsiding over here.
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  10. soulgeezer

    soulgeezer Poster Extraordinaire

    Nov 5, 2006
    Sinatra's World
    "18 crabs"? That's a very specific number! Have you named them?

    Might I suggest...

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  11. HotRodSteve

    HotRodSteve Friend of Leo's

    Sep 24, 2013
    The Hudson Valley
    When you can see your neighbor's chimney smoke it's time to move. I'm way overdue.
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  12. Brokenpick

    Brokenpick Tele-Afflicted

    Oct 29, 2008

    -HA! How'dja manage to neglect to mention that THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE (343) folks were MURDERED in Baltimore during 2017 alone!
    Most of these murders are shootings, but most shootings don't result in death. So actual numbers of people being SHOT in Baltimore often averages out to something like 10 a day!

    You can't make this stuff up. It's amazing.
    Now, you're mostly going to be safe in Baltimore, if you stick to certain locations, certain professions, certain hours of the day, etc. etc. But the attitudes that accompany the on-going violent crime mean that daily life there is rife with property crime and additional stress and expense.

    In 2014 47% of Marylanders -not just Baltimorons- said they'd like to leave the state if they could. Similar polls have suggested 3 out of 5 tax paying citizens of Maryland would move if they could.

    B-more is bound to top a dump list time after time.
    And Maryland has some absolutely incredible -yet traditional- problems.
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  13. Johnson johnson

    Johnson johnson Tele-Holic

    Dec 30, 2016
    #4 with a bullet round here, pun definitely intended.
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  14. bftfender

    bftfender Friend of Leo's

    Dec 21, 2017
    York PA
    was at the Ravens Super Bowl parade in 2013, Get to the harbor from time to 83 strait in..
  15. jondanger

    jondanger Poster Extraordinaire

    Jan 27, 2011
    Charm City, MD
    Here’s what’s going on in my corner of Baltimore City right now.


    Lightning bugs, tiger lilies, and a not-terrible public school right across the street. There are problems, but I’d rather live here than a lot of other places.
  16. Crafty Fox

    Crafty Fox Tele-Afflicted

    Nov 25, 2011
    Perth Australia
    As I was reading this thread I was thinking, " I quite like living in Perth", and here you've shown me its the 7th best in the world!........Not bad at all. :D

    Photo from my backyard a few evenings ago:

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  17. Sparky2

    Sparky2 Tele-Afflicted

    Apr 15, 2017
    Harvest, Alabama
    iu.jpg I am blessed.

    I live out in the country on the outskirts of Huntsville, Alabama.

    We are a highly-educated community of scientists, engineers, musicians, and technicians. And aviators. And, of course, thousands of progressive guys and gals in a variety of service industries.

    Huntsville and Redstone Arsenal can boast of a prosperous and booming economy, and new and good things just seem to be happening daily around here. Just the other day we broke-ground on a pro baseball stadium and clubhouse.

    Please consider moving here.
    We have lots of jobs, a great housing market, two Interstates, railheads, waterways, great hunting and fishing,
    I'm here.

    Which is a big bonus.
  18. duzie

    duzie TDPRI Member

    Jul 8, 2017
    Nw New Jersey
    The urban areas of Jersey are not for me either , but the rural areas are actually pretty nice .
    Most people paint NJ with a broad brush !
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  19. kelnet

    kelnet Telefied Ad Free Member

    Apr 17, 2008
    Port Moody, BC
    Wow, some cheap real estate in Detroit.
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  20. jondanger

    jondanger Poster Extraordinaire

    Jan 27, 2011
    Charm City, MD
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