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Asher Guitars WD Music Products Amplified Parts Mod Kits DIY Nordstarnd Pickups

With Dr Zs', combo or head/cab?

Discussion in 'Glowing Bottle Tube Amp Forum' started by GaryOsborne, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. GaryOsborne

    GaryOsborne RIP

    Jun 7, 2013
    Nashville, TN
    So I'm trying to trade a really nice Nash tele for an amp. I've always preferred combos and have never even owned a head/cab. But it seems like almost everyone I see playing Dr Zs are playing heads/cabs.
    I would prefer a combo, especially a 2x10 but they're really hard to find (for the z-28 anyway). I know a lot of people buy z-28 heads and but the Mather cabs he makes that are little 1x12s and slide the chassis in. Idk. I've been offered both a z28 head and matching 1x12 cab and a Remedy and matching 2x10 cab. I suppose I could do the trade, convert to a combo and sell the cab. Those Z cabs are pricey. I heard the Mather z-28 combo cab is only $250. I guess it would hurt the resale value maybe, but I could always pop the chassis back into the head can right? Hmmmm. I might do it. I like the z28 and Remedy as they're the only 6v6 dr z amps. I'm tempted by the remedy because it's loud enough for any gig and can be tamed with the master volume. But the z-28 just seems sweeter and most gigs are mic'd anyway. Someone tell me what to do!!!!!!! The Remedy head/cab are definitely worth more money but I prefer the non-master z-28 I think. I could get try out the remedy and flip it if I didn't like it? Idk. Help me, lol.

  2. King Creole

    King Creole Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Jan 24, 2011
    I'd go with the Remedy if it were me. Does it have the half power switch? Remedy and 2x10 cab would be really fun to play with. And I like having a head and cab separate. More choices. I wouldn't alter the amps and put into a combo cab, but you could always do that down the road if you were dissatisfied with the amp as is.

    You have great options here.

  3. GaryOsborne

    GaryOsborne RIP

    Jun 7, 2013
    Nashville, TN

    It's not really a half power mode. It's basically pentode/triode which they stay is 40w or 30w. I've just never owned a head/cab. Always been a combo guy. Who knows. Maybe after I get a head/cab I'll never look back! The guy seemed pretty serious but I haven't heard from him since his initial offer day before yesterday.

    I wouldn't alter the remedy. But if the z28 guy would trade me his head and cab for the guitar. So I could spend $250 to have a small and high quality 1x12 combo cab to slide the chassis in for smaller gigs and could still slide the chassis back in the head cab and rock out with the 2x10 cab. I wouldn't have to modify the amp as far as I know.

  4. studio1087

    studio1087 Telefied Ad Free Member

    May 10, 2003
    Near Milwaukee
    It's easier to move around with a head and cab. I have a Mini Z and a Carmen Ghia and the Carmen Ghia at 18 watts is hard to move. It's the heaviest combo that I've owned. The components are fantastic and I think the transformers weigh a ton.

    I would choose the Z28 based on power. Z amps are louder than any amp that I've owned. I started with a 45 watt Prescription head and turning it up to where it started to break up was painfully loud. It was too much for me. It sounded amazing but it hurt. It would ring my head for hours.

    My Mini Z is 5 watts and I use it at band practice. I can stay clean above the drummer.

    The Z28 with two 10's would be fantastic. What color is it? I love his tolex colors.

  5. Paul G.

    Paul G. Friend of Leo's

    Mar 17, 2003
    Rhode Island
    Let's put it this way. If I had bought my MAZ38Sr as a head/cab, I would probably still have it. I didn't and I don't.

    Combos (especially well-built ones, with massive transformers) are unwieldy.

    Presently I'm using a head plus one or two 2x12 cabs. No struggle getting the rig into and out of the car, up and down stairs, through narrow doors and corridors if necessary. 35 + 45 lbs. in two pieces is easier to handle than 75 lbs. in one.

    Besides, you can pick the exact cab you like; closed or open, 2x10, 2x12, 4x10, 4x12, 1x15.

    And like me you can choose a single cab for clubs and maybe add a second (or larger) cab for outdoor/big stage work.


  6. GaryOsborne

    GaryOsborne RIP

    Jun 7, 2013
    Nashville, TN

    The 2x10 z-28 has been what I've been looking for the whole time. But everybody has the heads, the combos,especially the 2x10, are soooo hard to find. There was a black 2x10 on eBay for about 2 seconds lol. I'll find one. Or I'll convert the z28 head into if I get desperate!

  7. twangking

    twangking Tele-Afflicted

    May 10, 2010
    Central Connecticut
    Z28 for sure. I think the Remedy is more of a one trick pony while the Z28 is more versatile.

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