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Asher Guitars WD Music Products Amplified Parts Mod Kits DIY Nordstarnd Pickups

Will changing the iron in my Blues Deluxe be big improvement?

Discussion in 'Glowing Bottle Tube Amp Forum' started by texmck54, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. texmck54

    texmck54 Tele-Meister

    I've got one of the early 90's MIA models not the RI. Had lot's of upgrades already (speaker etc etc) Although happy with it the way it is just wondering if replacing the iron say with Mercury will it take it to a whole new level or just wasting time & money. Like to hear some feedback from those who have gone this route. Doesn't have to be stricly blues deluxe but amps in that same range like HRD or Peavey Classic, or Delta Blues
  2. Dacious

    Dacious Poster Extraordinaire

    Mar 16, 2003
    If you're going to spend that much (presuming you're paying someone to do it so it's tech bucks too) I think you're in the realms of diminishing returns - it'll.make marginal difference compared to lowering preamp gain or speaker change. By now your amp probably needs caps and power tubes if not changed

    If it blew, by all means. If it were me, it'd be - there's other things you could do. It's yours if you love it maybe it's worth it to you. In cold hard dollars it's overcapitalising. The odds are no-one will notice while it's got a Blues Deluxe circuit and digital reverb.
  3. ebb soul

    ebb soul Poster Extraordinaire

    Jun 7, 2016
    Smyrna georgia
    No but it will give you social plumage. (Seriously that changes what its sposta be ) Moosie should challage me on that point, again, for the umteenth time.
    You possibly upgrade the tranny , but not larger, without concession.
  4. T Prior

    T Prior Poster Extraordinaire

    Mar 17, 2003
    Charlotte NC
    probably not much difference, you may not even notice it. The formula for the output is not just the quality of the OT, it's the Power Supply, the SET HI DC voltage that the output tubes run on , the stability of the power supply , the ruggedness of the output tubes, etc...The OT is only one part of equation.

    What are you expecting by changing to a Mercury OT ?

    IF you are experiencing any issues what so ever, change the E Caps first with a quality brand. Start with the power supply as this is the meat. As stated above, you have a 90's amp, if those E caps have not been changed , do that first. You may find you actually do notice a difference right away especially with the bottom end response.
  5. AlabamaOutlaw

    AlabamaOutlaw Tele-Meister

    Feb 20, 2011
    Waste of money.

    If you're gonna go off buying the most expensive parts to build one anyway, why not build a better amp?

    Makes sense to me
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    MMARSH Tele-Meister

    Jun 21, 2015
    It's not really about a fancy brand name, it's more about using a bigger OT. For a similar example, see I replaced the stock OT in my BJr with this one and it made a BIG difference in tone and response. Snappier, great bottom end with no flabbiness, really drives the speaker well.
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