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What's the deal with Buckethead?

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by TheGoodTexan, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. Big Tony

    Big Tony Friend of Leo's

    Mar 17, 2003
    Sweden, by golly!

    Shtick = yes

    Virtuoso = yes

    Weird = who am I to judge.. :rolleyes:

    / Tony
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2008

  2. blacklinefish

    blacklinefish Tele-Afflicted

    Jun 19, 2006
    Northwest Missouri
    It's pronounced "bou-quet"


  3. thadacaster

    thadacaster TDPRI Member

    Jun 5, 2008
    Tacoma, WA USA
    So, If the Beastie Boys don't eat the Colonel Sanders' chicken...

    because of KFC's "alleged" animal abuse, than I guess they'll never have Buckethead shred on one of their Get-Down Jams?!!!:cry:
    All the funnin' aside, he HAS played with the baddest bassist ever on some projects (B**TSY BABY!), and for me, that's something alot of players can't claim.

  4. The Saint

    The Saint Tele-Meister

    Dec 13, 2007
    Palmdale, CA
    Tim, you got it right.

    I've been in the studio with him a number of times and know him fairly well. He is the sweetest and most and humble person you can imagine. He can barely look you in the eye when he speaks to you. The Buckethead persona is the only way he could ever get on stage in front of a crowd.

    He is, however, a MONSTER player! When Axl discovered him, he trashed most of the songs they were working on for Chinese Democracy and started a whole new batch based on riffs that Buckethead came up with. He's really kind of a guitar genius, especially with hooking up weird combinations of pedals and coming up with original sounds. But he can also pick up an acoustic and blow your mind.

    He once turned down a million-dollar deal with Sony because they wanted to "A&R" his music to make it more mainstream. He does have a bunch of independent albums out and has a devoted cult following around the world.

    I kind of wince when I read some of the comments about him and people have a lot of fun trashing him, but I guess it's understandable given his public persona.

  5. J-man

    J-man Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Apr 25, 2004
    North Wales
    Admin Post
    Thanks for that, it's great to hear from someone "in the know" on these matters.:D

  6. TheGoodTexan

    TheGoodTexan Doctor of Teleocity

    Apr 28, 2003
    Nashville, TN
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009

  7. ajgus

    ajgus Friend of Leo's

    Jan 8, 2008
    I actually think he's kinda cool in a creepy way. Very zombie-like. I think a "schtik" like his gives him an element of mystery. And as stated, the guy can play.

  8. newtwanger

    newtwanger Blackguardian. Ad Free + Supporter

    Feb 11, 2007
    Quebec, Canada
    The real question is when will we be able to get a Vintage Relic KFC bucket that looks just like his signature model?
    I saw a MIA bucket on eBay, but that's probably a fake...:rolleyes:

  9. Wally

    Wally Telefied Ad Free Member

    Mar 17, 2003
    Lubbock, TX
    I caught him as part of a world music special that some bass player(sorry, cna't remmeber the name) put together. Buckethead performed some of his own music and also joined a large ensemble at the end. IN the large ensemble there was the bass player, the drummer, an INdian group with sitar and a couple of Indian percussion instruments, a jazz saxophone player, a couple of keyboard and Buckethead. HE obviously can work with anyone with whom he is sitting with.
    I personally consider him to be far beyond any 'shredder' that I have heard. INcredible talent, imho. The 'persona' creation is understandable on more than one level.
    RE: the early 'promo' pic....that little finger has to be a touched up photo trick. HE does have huge hands but that is nowhere near reality in that pic...check out the youtube video for reality. That will keep a person humble for a long time.

  10. D.K. Buchanon

    D.K. Buchanon Tele-Meister

    Apr 20, 2008
    Bloomington, Indiana
    Me ? I just want to hear Buckethead cover SCOTS "Eight Piece Box"...or would that be cannibalism ?

    I'll be awake all night thinking that through now, sheesh...

  11. TelZilla

    TelZilla Friend of Leo's

    Jan 21, 2007
    Cleveburg, USA
    No. Way.

  12. SweetTea

    SweetTea TDPRI Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    Kackalak del Norte
    I second this motion.

  13. RodeoTex

    RodeoTex Poster Extraordinaire

    Sep 14, 2005
    Nueces Strip
    He does seem to be a very accomplished player but to me his style of chicken pickin' gets real old real fast.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2008

  14. refin

    refin Friend of Leo's

    Feb 24, 2005
    Florida Panhandle

    If this is true,I have a new perspective on Buckethead.

  15. NoUserName

    NoUserName NEW MEMBER!

    Jul 26, 2008
    Hi all, I just registered to this site because I felt inclined to help you all with info on the Bucket. Yes, his real name is "Brian Carroll" and he was born in Cali. He can be classified as a "Shredder" but if you actively search for his MANY other albums you'll see you can't really put him in one single category. He does NOT have any mental issues from the many accounts I have read about him, Maynard James Keenan is way more "mental" than Buckethead. The one account I read was directly from him, he said that one night while eating some KFC he just felt like putting the empty bucket he did. He got up and walked to the nearest mirror and looked at it and said "That's Buckethead right there." That is how the Bucket first came to fruition. As far as guitar, he was taught by Paul Gilbert. His Custom Gibson Les Paul is 24 3/4" scale just as any 24 fret Ibanez is. He solo's like a madman so 24 frets are what he needs. The VERY first time I heard him was on Youtube. I found this video by chance ( and it just blew the rust off my way of thinking musically. Since them I have purchased many of his albums and honestly haven't been disappointed with any of them. The song in the youtube video is called "Whitewash" and is from his album called "Colma". This live version is different than the album version, it is mostly improvised. The long things on his fingers in the "unmasked" picture of him are just finger extensions. Just to name a few of his albums you might want to check out: Colma, Electric Tears, Peppers Ghost, Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, Inbred Mountain, Island of Lost Minds, Elephant Man's Alarm Clock, Funnel Weaver, Giant Robot, Bucketheadland, Bucketheadland 2, Kaleidoscalp, Somewhere over the Slaughterhouse.......He also has a DVD out too which I have and love. I've been playing for 15 years and after hearing him, it changed everything. It was like a cure for the rut I was stuck in at the time. He has more albums than the ones I mentioned too. He was in a band called "Praxis", "Deli Creeps", "Colonel Claypools Bucket of Bernie Brains" which is simply based off the members names (Les Claypool=Bass, Buckehead=Guitar, Brain=Drums, Bernie Worrel=Keyboards), he also changed his name due to contract issues with Sony Records. He used "Death Cube K" instead of "Buckethead". Death Cube K IS Buckethead just the letters are all rearranged. He does use a kill switch on his 24 fret Les, which by the way is ALL white with no fret markers on an Ebony fretboard. His stretchy strap is made by a company from Germany, I don't remember their name. He started playing seriously in the summer during a break from Junior High. Electric Tears was written for his Mom as she was in the hospital and he wanted to be able to comfort her.....I think he succeeded as that entire album is exactly what it is....Electric Tears. It is beautiful. Kinda wierd for me to post on a Forum where under my screenname it say's I'm a friend of Leo Fender as I am an Ibanez guy! Lol. I got a Les too and love it. But regardless, I hope this helped a little and if you have any further question feel free to drop me a line. Oh, and he looks nothing like Howard Stern and I prefer his abilities over Slash's. :D

  16. NoUserName

    NoUserName NEW MEMBER!

    Jul 26, 2008
    Yes, I have to agree with Tim 100%. Viggo Mortensen (sp?) actually did some work with Buckethead in the studio and he said the same type of things about him. He said he was an extremely humble guy and was very nice to work with. He also said Buckethead played a little guitar for him and it amazed him as to his demeanor versus his skill. He just isn't a cocky player like Yngwie for example. Yes, Buckethead has played with Bootsy many times and was in "Praxis" with him like I mentioned before. Bootsy also does voice work on many of Buckets albums, my favorite is called "Enter Slipdisc". Buckethead has also performed on many movie soundtracks, "Ghosts of Mars" is one that he worked with Steve Vai and Scott Ian to name a few. It sucks alot of people don't take him seriously just because of the mask/Bucket and the fictitious back story about Buckethead. But in all actuality he is "High Speed, Low Drag" as to where many other guitarists are "Low speed, High Drag" not just in shredding but composing as well. The guy is a musical treasure that should be well regarded not laughed at and forgotten. :mad:

  17. PraiseCaster

    PraiseCaster Poster Extraordinaire

    The first time I heard about Buckethead (early 90's), I thought it was pure schtick and marketing.

    Why? The market for guitarists is hard to break into, and I have witnessed many (personally known them) that should be celebrated as a virtuoso guitarist world wide, and that is not the case. Many great guitarists remain in obscurity.

    I figured that as time passed, he would shed the persona, much as KISS did in the early/mid eighties. But the persona remains, and that tells me there is more to it than just schtick. It's either the afore mentioned mental issues, or a deeply rooted desire to remain anonymous. When I saw him giving an interview using a rubber mask as a puppet, and using a high piercing voice, I knew it was a desire for anonymity. It was just my gut feeling.

    The whole package seems to just say (to me at least), this is an intelligent guy, he understands the market (a glut of virtuoso guitarists out there = a dime a dozen), and a desire to maintain his privacy, is what developed Buckethead.

    Stop and think about it: He's been doing this for twenty plus years (probably closer to 30), he remains highly regarded as a virtuoso guitarist, his persona gathers great attention (creepy, yet comical, and still approachable in a weird sense), and he is still in demand. The other "proven ways" out there are, become the satire that is "shred guitarists" (ie: Poison's CC DeVille, Vinnie Vincent, etc), and be relegated after ten + years to a "Behind the Music Scene" VHS1 rockumentary, which will ultimately lead to a "Monsters of Rock Tour from the stone age of hair-metal", where middle aged balding men wearing British flag sleevless t-shirts are banging there heads like they did in their youth (not becoming of there age), or become a (perceived as) "guitarist prima-donna" (ie: Satch, Vai, Yngwie), and always have the detractors (there is no soul in there playing, its all technique and lifeless, he aint that good), and having many following them around either as wanna be hangers-on, or those with cameras wanting to expose them as jerks and over-bloated egomaniacs ("Unleash the Flocking Furry" anyone?).

    I think he found himself a niche that he can control for his career, and maintain his privacy and go down to the market, the pub, the library, to his girlfriends, or whatever, and be left in peace. Yet, he can still tear it up on stage as Buckethead, be in demand in the studio, and pump out music that satisfies his soul. I'd say that is some pretty shrewd critical thinking on his part, and my hat, or bucket is off too him!

    Oh, and I heard from "behind the scene sources", that Buckethead left GNR, because he was not going to put up with Axl's crap any longer. He joined Axl because he was a huge fan of GNR, but Axl's crap (missing flights, delaying going on stage for hours because Axl wasnt happy about his hair, Axl starting fights/riots at concerts, plus all the inter-personal band/Axl crap), was just not what he signed up for, and he removed himself when he could legally (it had to be a contract breaker, or he would owe Axle-hole on his next several albums). Again, another sign of this guy having it going on "upstairs".

    I'll sum it up by saying, imho, I think he is a genius on guitar, marketing (PR), and maintaining his privacy.

    Go Buckethead!

  18. wierdOne

    wierdOne Tele-Holic

    Dec 25, 2006
    Downtown Pensacola Florida... :)
    Honestly, it's about time the truth came out.

    In 1977, Elvis Presley saw a video tape of his live concert from Hawaii... in which he looked like this:


    as he came to the sudden realization that people weren't going to his concerts to hear the music, but to look at his funny costumes and laugh at his eccentric babbling... Elvis was horrified...... he had to escape this life... somehow... so..

    On the night of August 16th 1977, under the cover of nightfall, Elvis Presley snuck out of Graceland, hopped a train, and headed for the Mexican border. Once across the border, Elvis made his way to the Panama Canal... By this time, he was covered in facial hair and he bore a striking resemblance to the late Jim Morrison. Having no skills to rely upon, Elvis thought that he could make a comfortable living as a Jim Morrison impersonator, but sadly the Doors music just didn't bode well in the Panama Lounges.... So, after piling up a rather large tab at a local all you can eat buffet (owned by the Panamanian cartel) Elvis escaped danger by stowing away on a ship sailing to the far east.

    He landed somewhere on the coast of China... Once off the boat, he was exposed to the really bizarre Elvis fascination that the Asian culture has.. in fact, shortly after his arrival on the mainland, he was literally thrust into the lions den....

    while dining at an all you can eat kung pau chicken restaurant, the lights dimmed, the stage curtain went back, and Elvis realized that he was in the middle of mainland China's oldest Elvis Presley Karaoke bar...

    patron after patron would attempt to sing elvis song after elvis song... That was literally the first time Elvis had actually paid attention to any of his lyrics... and it was that exact moment when Elvis realized the horror that his music was thrusting on society..... He vowed he would never sing another stupid song again...

    Ashamed and bewildered, Elvis wandered off into the local mountain range... he made his way to the Tso province founded by the famous retired Chinese General... In Tso.. Elvis took the name "Nosing Ming".... After assimilating himself into the village life, Elvis (Nosing) met a lovely local villager named Mao...

    Mao was an exceptionally tall and slender girl with long curly hair. She was very different from the other village girls who were short and straight haired. sadly these physical differences forced Mao to grow up being the outcast in her village... the girls all made fun of her.. the boys wouldn't date her.... she was a loner.... Mao would spend all of her free time playing a game similar to modern day basketball... for hours she would toss a ball made from sheeps wool and yeti skin into a basket placed on the roof of her families hut...... it was her therapy.... much like singing was Elvis's at one time..... Elvis and Mao hit it off... they both understood each other.... and it was this understanding that laid the basis for their successful relationship...

    finally, Elvis was in a relationship that he could flourish in and make it work.... so... shortly after they met... Elvis (Nosing Ming) and Mao were married.... and Mao's pregnancy followed suit...

    Sometime in the wee morning hours on September 12, 1980 Mao Ming gave birth to a set of paternal twins Wao and Yao. Wao and Yao were tall from the get go.. Yao looked much like his mother but had his fathers hair... while Wao was the spitting image of his father, on a tall slender frame with long curly jet black hair....

    so it wasn't surprising when Yao showed he was gifted in the game of basketball.... and Wao started to sing like a song bird..... Wao's singing talent horrified his father...

    Nosing (Elvis) did everything he could to discourage his son from singing... nothing worked... the kid was obviously going to be a superstar.... until one night... he was singing by the campfire... Elvis snuck up behind him and struck him over the head with a Les Paul. When Wao awoke from his guitar driven slumber, he realized that his father had sewn his mouth shut and cauterized his lips together with a hot iron...

    Wao quietly ran from his room out into the darkness... never to return..

    Somehow Wao found his way into the city but people were drawn to him by his appearance.. they kept screaming "Elvis is ALIVE!!!! ELVIS IS ALIVE!!!" .... then when they were close enough to see his lips were fused together they would scream.... so.. his first priority was to procure a mask...

    after scaring the crap out of a mime, he realized he could make a mime mask out of white plastic..... so.... once his face was covered... Wao had to satisfy his nutritional needs... only one problem... he couldn't open his mouth to eat anything.... that's when he saw people leaving China's only Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise.... unlike the rest of the physically fit population, these KFC patrons were HUGE.... he thought to himself... "if i could somehow absorb all the wholesome calories that Kentucky Fried Chicken has to offer, then i wouldn't have to chew anything"...

    so... he pilfered through the garbage can and decided to try wearing a bucket of chicken...

    and it worked.... the chicken grease is absorbed through his hair follicles.... the effect is twofold.... 1. Wao get's all his calories... and 2. His hair is always conditioned.

    Wao, with mask and bucket set off looking for the elusive "answer".... somewhere along the way he picked up a guitar.

    ... but... that's the part that everybody knows about...

  19. NEPATelecaster

    NEPATelecaster Tele-Afflicted

    Jan 30, 2006
    Lovelton PA
    :eek: You live up to your name WeirdOne...

  20. wierdOne

    wierdOne Tele-Holic

    Dec 25, 2006
    Downtown Pensacola Florida... :)

    Hey.... I guess i should be proud..... this thread is about a fellow that wears a michael myers mask and kfc bucket on his head.... and somehow I've ended up being the weirdOne!!!!

    :D :D :D

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