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What should I pair with my Celestion Alnico Blue?

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by Royal Tele, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. telemnemonics

    telemnemonics Doctor of Teleocity

    Mar 2, 2010
    Celestion data sheets show the Blue and Gold as 100db speakers, the G12H30 both Anniversary and Heritage as 100db speakers, but the G12M25 as a 98db speaker. Where we say "efficiency" they say "sensitivity", same as Eminence.
    The Eminence Red Fang is rated at 102.5db, but I have run a Gold and a Red Fang in the same 2x12 open back cab and switched back and forth with a footswitch, and can't hear a volume difference.
    I have also footswitched between Gold and H30, as well as Blue and H30, and felt that the Blue was louder than the Gold, which was louder than the H30, even though Celestion specs them all the same. Funny that the Red Fang does not sound louder, FWIW and damn my hearing...
    Part of the volume feel probably relates to the treble intensity, with the Blue being super bright, the Gold a little less so and the H30 (Anniversary 55hz) the least bright of the three but still very bright. The H30 55hz also has more bass than either alnico but less overall volume feel to my ear.

    I have compared the G12M20 to these above, but no longer have a G12M25 to compare. My guess is that the "2db" difference would be a lot more obvious from a Blue to a G12M25 than the small 2db spec suggests.
  2. uriah1

    uriah1 Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Feb 12, 2011
    The creamback 75hz might be another one to try. It comes in at 100db, but, I love the sound of it
    in a DRRI I have. Still not sure how wattage 15 vs 75 compare to DB 100 vs 100 in your situation.

  3. ozcal

    ozcal Tele-Holic

    Feb 5, 2015
    blue and g12h30 is bright, no doubt about it... i just roll back the tone on the guitar waaayy back and she s all good...
  4. robt57

    robt57 Telefied Ad Free Member

    Feb 29, 2004
    Portland, OR
    And there is one of those on the amp too IIRC. ;)
  5. JKjr

    JKjr Tele-Holic

    Aug 24, 2007
    raleigh nc
    Funny thing. I haven't been here in a while, and stumble on a thread about what I've been doing lately. The lowdown: My AC30tbx came with UK blues. My Bluesbreaker combo came with UK greenbacks. I have a few other 2x12 cabs with mixtures of G12h30's, Hellatones, v30's, and some others. Had the Bluesbreaker modded to Beano specs and switched out the blues from the AC30. Spent about 2 months trying speaker pairings ad infinitum. While I found lotsa good sounds, the only real conclusion I came to is that to my ears if an amp likes blue speakers, nothing sounds better than 2 blue speakers. And none of the best speaker pairings included a blue. My to-do list for the weekend includes putting both blues back in the tbx and both greenbacks back in the BeanoBreaker
  6. homesick345

    homesick345 Poster Extraordinaire

    Jan 20, 2012
    Beirut, Lebanon
    The blues and gb have quite a difference in volume. I agree with your conclusion.
  7. Coldacre

    Coldacre Tele-Meister

    Jan 5, 2009
    it makes no difference, both speakers are made to the exact same specs and sound identical. all Chinese made Celestion Blues since 2010 are made with the Mueller H1777 cone.
  8. bparnell57

    bparnell57 Poster Extraordinaire

    Feb 10, 2014
    Philadelphia, PA
    Are the magnets the same? Charged to the same level of saturation? Is the voice coil the same?

    I'm not trying to nitpick. I love Chinese Blue's. Just curious.

    Are they identical?
  9. 6stringcowboy

    6stringcowboy Tele-Afflicted

    Love the alnico/ceramic combo. I do this with my 5e3 clone, quite successfully with Webers
  10. Rick330man

    Rick330man Tele-Holic

    Jan 9, 2011
    Florida Keys
    Here's what I have actually done.

    (1) In my closed back, 16 ohm Fender Tonemaster 4 X12" I took out two of the stock Celestion Vintage 30s. I replaced one with a Celestion Blue. I replaced the other with a 10" Eminence Red Fang.

    (2) In an open back, 8 ohm Avatar G212, I've got a 12" Celestion Blue paired with a 12" Eminence Red Fang. I bought it with two blues, but the sound was too sterile.

    (3) In an 8 ohm, convertible back pine 2 X 12, I've got one Celestion Blue and one Greenback.

    (4) In an 8 ohm, closed back Avatar 4 X 12, I've got 1 Celestion Blue, 1 Vintage 30, 1 Reverend Alltone 1250 and 1 Eminence Legend 122 alnico.

    I like every one of these combinations. Each has a strength. I rarely like a blue or a Vintage 30 in a solo application, but each is a great speaker which will contribute generously to your tone when paired in tandem with the right partner(s).
  11. johnnyha

    johnnyha Tele-Afflicted

    Dec 18, 2013
    Austin, TX
    I just got an Allen Old Flame head which is 35W in this case, so I am switching out my 15W Blue in my 2x12 with a Gold 50W, still paired with a Hellatone 30 G12H30. I imagine the Blue would hold up but I'm not taking any chances. I have a 10" Gold already in my 5W amp and I love it. Luckily I just found a 12" Gold on Reverb with only 30 hours...
  12. Coldacre

    Coldacre Tele-Meister

    Jan 5, 2009
    yes. the voice coil is round copper with a diameter of 44.5mm. the magnet is of course Alnico! (surely you don't think they could get away with using something else?)

    the Chinese made Blues are made to the same specifications as listed on the website.
  13. Twang Banger

    Twang Banger Tele-Meister

    Apr 7, 2011
    Jacksonville, Fla
    I know this thread is kind of old, but I thought I would share that I put a blue and gold in an AC30, and I can clearly hear the blue (left side) louder than the gold. There was or is nothing wrong with either speaker (both relatively new and I am sole owner of both). I've ended up buying a mint used blue and putting the gold on Reverb. I just don't like what sounds imbalanced to my ear.
  14. Royal Tele

    Royal Tele Tele-Holic

    Jul 13, 2009
    Lone Star State
    I’m no expert on speakers, but my hunch about what your experiencing is this: your AC30 can dish out 30w; since you’ve got two speakers in there, the 30w output from the amp will get split evenly between the two speakers, sending 15w to each speaker; since the Blue is a 15w speaker, it’s operating at its “full potential” when it’s receiving the 15w portion of the amp’s output; whereas the Gold can handle a lot more wattage, so when the Gold sees the 15w portion that it’s receiving, its not operating anywhere near its full potential; so the blue sounds relatively louder...

    I feel like this is all related to speaker efficiency and what not. I assume the Blue and Gold have pretty close dB ratings...?
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