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What is this for $119?

Discussion in 'Squier Tele Forum' started by Danno, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Tele-Caster

    Tele-Caster Tele-Holic

    Feb 24, 2007
    Tahlequah, OK
    That is a sweet lookin' piece of equipment, too, Metalcaster. I think I'm definitely going to have to give this humbucker-equipped Telecaster "thang" a try. They had a Bullet at my nearest FMIC dealer a couple of days ago, where I played a CV Squier and an MiA Standard that I've been kind of kicking myself for not buying. I didn't bother playing the Bullet they had. I just wasn't thinking humbucker, I guess... But ya' got me thinkin' now!

  2. Five-O

    Five-O Tele-Afflicted

    Nov 2, 2008
    Huntsville, AL.
    Ok , I'll be the bad guy.... What this is , is a $119 dollar guitar, beginner/ entry level at best, the body is probably one step up from pressboard, the neck can't be much better. Who knows how reliable the electronics will be.... By the time you upgrade every inch of it, you'll probably have at a minimum $400 into it and it'll still be a Squier Bullet, entry level, at best guitar....why does Fender do this ? Spend another $ 150 and get a Classic Vibe.... or $ 375 and get a MIM, which might need a pickup upgrade at most.

  3. Tatercaster

    Tatercaster Friend of Leo's

    Aug 28, 2013
    Rock Hill, SC
    Because not everyone wants to spend $300+ on a guitar. There are even folks that just want to play guitar that don't have $300 to spend on a guitar. Fender markets to the masses, which I believe is a good thing.

  4. MadJack

    MadJack Friend of Leo's

    Some people don't understand the joy of doing the work (rework/build/rebuild or whatever label you wish to add to it) with your own hands. Rewiring, changing pups, tuners, bridges, saddles, nuts, etc...The only thing I haven't done with an electric is build one or refinish one. If I had the shop to do it, I would build one from scratch myself. Probably even do the Challenge, but alas, no decent place to do that kind of work, so I rebuild or mod what I can get my hands on.

    My daughter pulled a Dean VX from a neighbor's trash (with permission). It was in rough shape, both cosmetically and operationally. For less than $70 I rewired it, installed new pups, a new nut, did a fret level, dress and polish, repaired some stripped screw holes and various other little odds and ends. I rebuilt it just as a fun project. It plays great for a what it is, a cheap guitar pulled from the trash heap! Now its a decent thrash guitar for one of my daughter's friends who couldn't afford to buy one new.



    Mar 5, 2014
    Thank You MadJack......that's exactly why I bought these guitars. I have never built a guitar before and always wanted to but I thought it would be best to start out with an easier project that wouldn't break the bank and I was so fortunate to end up with two killer guitars. I wasn't building or putting these together to produce an expensive guitar or to make it into something its not. I didn't want to pour thousands into a project to find out I was in over my head. At the end if the day my guitars are still bullet bodies with after market parts, but I don't care there awesome guitars. The value of a guitar doesn't always reflect its quality. I have a few very valuable vintage guitars and honestly I hate playing a couple of them because they feel stiff and sound like crap, it doesent matter what brand is plastered all over your headstock or how much you pay for your guitar if you love playing it that's all that matters. I absolutely spent over $300 on both of these but so what. I own a Jim root and john 5 telecaster also and I would easily put them up against what I pieced together in sound and playability and the great part is it didn't cost me $1200 and I put it together and got to choose every aspect of it the way I wanted, and the best part is I enjoyed doing it. I will never sell these guitars so as long as I enjoyed the project I'm happy!

  6. Five-O

    Five-O Tele-Afflicted

    Nov 2, 2008
    Huntsville, AL.
    Allow me to follow up on what I said earlier. My frustration is with Fender not the buyer, or modder. I personally have a Squier BSB Affinity that I've upgraded and is one of my favorite guitars. It just seems that Fender is saturating the market with so many entry level guitars and lots of customers are thinking that they're getting a lot more than they are, then spending much more to upgrade it. If you look at the way they are being advertised you'd think they are much better that they actually are. To those of you who know what your getting and doing to it as you wish, I say Kudos. ... and good luck with your project.

  7. boris bubbanov

    boris bubbanov Telefied Ad Free Member

    I just wanna say, something like a Bullet makes far better sense than these kits you buy for about the same price.

    You can assemble and disassemble something like this until you can do it blindfolded. You can use it as a test piece for all types of mods you might ever wanna do for a more expensive guitar, and you can test the concept as to real world soundness.

    So, they'd have a use even if you could never get it good enough to use 3 nights a week. And when you're done learning from it, you can stick it back together and pass it along to someone else to do the same, or as a donor guitar to some youngster or not 100% committed would be player. It is close enough to get the spark going. Better than the typical guitar in 1964 in the bottom 15% of the market, which was normally a cruel joke.

  8. Cleeve

    Cleeve Tele-Holic

    Feb 19, 2009
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Nobody now buys cd changers, vcrs, cassette decks, record players, video cam-corders, 35mm film camera and ten lenses and flashes and tripods and all the other trinkets that the asian industries got good at making well.
    So now they have great skills and capacity to make damn near anything, quickly and properly in quantity for cheap!
    Save the world! Buy and modify and play and break and buy more!
    Better we buy too many excellent but cheap guitars than they start making guns!

    I'm amazed at how good my Bullet was just as it came out of the box-

    It cost 89 dollars on some kinda sale.
    My first guitar, 1980 Gibson Sonex Deluxe was 389.00 with case.

    Lets compare!

    Sonex had a case- so win for sonex.
    Sonex and Bullet have cast tuners that seem about equal.
    Sonex and Bullet have two pickups, bridge humbucker in both, single coil in neck of Bullet. Win Bullet! Why? Because the Sonex pickups have such crazy strong ceramic magnets that the neck pickup needs to be sunken flush or even below the mounting ring to prevent magnetically muting the strings, leaving the tone from the neck humbucker pretty useless.

    Sonex had un-potted pickups that squealed no matter how small the amp, the Bullet had potted pups that don't squeal.

    Sonex has a better switch, and four larger potentiometers, go Sonex.

    Sonex made out of some kinda industrial waste and glue called resinwood or some such, yet painted with a one-molecule thick layer of acrylic lacquer that wore through instantly, I mean in a week!
    Bullet made out of wood, with tough, beginner-proof modern clear coated stuff.

    Fretwork and setup? Would be a tie, as both have similar precision as far as the fret to string relationship goes, both played fine and set up with no buzzes and no need for fret leveling to cure any buzzes, only the fret ends of the Bullet neck are sharply proud of the wood that has slightly shrunken in dry heated house.

    In 1980, you couldn't buy a picture of a guitar as good as the Bullet is for what it costs now!

    One could buy a Bullet and go straight to a gig and play it right out of the box, the 1980 gibson would have squealed and gotten you kicked out of the band until you took it apart and potted the pickups!

    Todays cheap but viable guitars are as amazing to me as a smartphone.. So glad mankind is more interested in tone and strings and pickups and texting about all that than making guns and ways to fight.
    I buy a Chinese telecaster and think to myself "Swords into plowshares". Or in this case "communist machine gun into Telecaster!".

  9. FenderGyrl

    FenderGyrl Friend of Leo's

    Jul 22, 2012
    They look great! :cool:

  10. mkgearhead

    mkgearhead TDPRI Member

    Nov 8, 2009
    Fort Morgan, CO
    I guess I forgot to post pics of mine after modding it. :oops:I replaced all the hardware with chrome, and swapped out the stock neck pickup with a MIA Fender one that I got from a friend. I think the aged pearl pickguard goes great with the orange. After selling all the black hardware I'm about $25 into mods. :D




  11. Matteo79

    Matteo79 TDPRI Member

    Dec 26, 2010
    San Diego
    Is there anyone with an orange one looking to sell?

  12. jcart

    jcart TDPRI Member

    Apr 6, 2010
    western ma.
    Rondo Tele specs

    searched for Rondo musical equipment...found this..selling them for $109 seems like a great base for mods...
    Traditional / retro styled 3-piece body made of solid alder. The solid alder wood provides superior sound. (Many guitars in this price range that are sold by other vendors often contain plywood.)
    Free padded carry bag and instructional DVD included!
    Great sound - perfect for rock, jazz, blues, country, and more!
    Maple neck with aged maple fretboard add beauty and stability to the guitar.
    Chrome covered mini single coil pickup and standard single coil pickup.
    String-through body bridge with 6 adjustable saddles for string height, radius, and intonation.
    Passive volume and tone controls with classic blade 3-way pickup selector switch.
    21 jumbo frets with dot inlays!
    Chrome hardware completes the package!

    Weighs only 8 lbs
    Overall length: 39"
    Scale length: 25.5"
    Width at the widest point: 12 3/4"
    Width of the neck at the nut: 1 5/8"
    Body thickness: 1 3/4"
    Neck radius: 13.7" (350mm)
    Neck Taper (Thickness)at the first fret: 22mm
    Neck Taper (Thickness)at the twelth fret: 25mm
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2014

  13. kallad

    kallad TDPRI Member

    Apr 28, 2003
    Pretty Good Considering

    These are pretty good considering my first electric guitar cost me over $100. 45years ago and the "Modern Metal Shrouded" pickup fell apart in just a few weeks.

    Many of these bargan guitars were so poor they were unplayable. To that extent, I haven't picked up an electric guitar in the past 10 or so years that was as much a challange to play as those "beginner" guitars.

    These are cheap, decent players, and fun to work on. If you make a mistake what are you out? My shop students always were amazed when I told then it took me at least three tries to get a project to an acceptable level for them to build. One to learn the job, one to make mistakes, and one to get it right. I bet alot of young people are learning how to "tech" a guitar on these inexpensive instruments. I was petrified trying to fix that first guitar, but I did it because a new Strat was $400, and a new Tele was $350. I din't even look at Les Pauls or Rickenbackers

  14. oldmark

    oldmark Tele-Holic

    Dec 27, 2008
    Berks County, PA
    I recently - like a few months ago - discovered Squiers, and I am AMAZED how high quality they are. I now have 3 various Squier Strats -with 1 more on the way - and Squier CV 50's Butterscotch Telecaster...and an older Stagemaster that should be here today.
    The newest Strat is an olde Pak guitar - a SE - that was cheap as dirt new...but it has a 2 piece Agathis body, full Strat size, a great, very comfortable and playable neck and a nice rosewood finger board with good frets. I am going to replace the pickups with a set of Fender Highway One Strat single coils probably this weekend, and maybe change the electronics for US made parts. But the wood, build and tuners are VERY good, better than the only MIM Strat I have owned and very close to my older Stats.

    The CV Tele is the second best I have ever owned since the mid 1960's.

    They are inexpensive, but to insist they are "beginners" guitars or "junk" is very wrong. They are BARGAINS!

    Pics of my Squiers as of this morning... '90's MIK Standard, a BEAUTIFUL Strat!

    The SE burst...

    An early 2000's Indonesian Standard, a very high quality guitar...

    My CV '50's Tele...

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  15. Jweber1976

    Jweber1976 TDPRI Member

    Apr 11, 2014
    SE Mass
    I love squier basses and guitars! Like many others have said, they are great for learning to do tech work on and make great modding platforms! As we all know squier qc can be hit or miss. My affinity P bass (which was free to me!) was so superior to my MIM jazz that I put the jazz up for sale the next day! The 80s Japanese squier neck on my Franken-strat is one of the nicest necks I have ever played! I could go on and on about how great many of my squiers are. The other side of the coin is the fretwork on my affinity telecaster is an absolute nightmare. Frets so sharp that they literally shredded my thumb! The pickups sound awesome and (other than the aforementioned frets) the guitar plays great. The pots and pickup selector are junk. For what I paid it would still be a great deal even if I had to replace the neck... And I'll replace the guts eventually...

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  16. Hiker

    Hiker Poster Extraordinaire

    Jul 20, 2008
    Mkgearhead, your project guitar turned out great!

  17. ElmoZappa

    ElmoZappa TDPRI Member

    Jun 27, 2009
    Long Island
    Are they still selling these in store? If so, who's got the lowest price?
    Want the orange one- holy crap... obsessed.

  18. ElmoZappa

    ElmoZappa TDPRI Member

    Jun 27, 2009
    Long Island
    FIVE-O- I will share in the confusion. Here's a mind boggler: why does fender charge $1400-1700 for the American made tele then the CV tele I buy for $200+ is amazing outta the box?!
    I have dozens of guitars, some USA gibsons n fenders + a ton.
    That see thru white CV Tele is amazing.
    I was a Guitar center and held the 2 next to each other. Plugged them in and compared for an hour.

    WTF Fender?! Obviously a good guitar can be made without us spending an extra $1000.
    Same for Gibson with their $4-5000 les pauls that are mostly CNC work. Shame. WE the MUSICIANS are the ones that need costs cut when it come to shopping for our tools. Most of us are poor. THOUSANDS for a les paul... one day those Chibsons will be built REALLY WELL. I'll buy.

  19. EchoEchord

    EchoEchord TDPRI Member

    Apr 23, 2014
    That's really beautiful! Is that just a standard tele pickguard? Did it fit the Bullet perfectly or did you have to drill some new holes? Mind telling us where you got it?

  20. mkgearhead

    mkgearhead TDPRI Member

    Nov 8, 2009
    Fort Morgan, CO

    Thanks. :DI got the pickguard from I had to widen the bridge cutout to fit around the humbucker ring, but all the screw holes lined up. I need to take some new pics. It has a maple CV 50's neck on it now.

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