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VM and CV Price Increase

Discussion in 'Squier Tele Forum' started by Synapse2k, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. bender66

    bender66 Friend of Leo's

    Jan 18, 2010
    on my bike
    ^That's the one I just picked up for $200 with CS Texas Specials in it.^

    I don't own a guitar that I paid over $200. A $500 guitar would prob have me breathing into a bag. :lol:

  2. beyer160

    beyer160 Tele-Afflicted

    Aug 11, 2010
    On Location
    I A/B tested a Legacy Tribute and a Squier CV Strat at Banjo Mart the other day, and it was strange. For being so similar, they were really different. There were certain aspects of each I really liked, and certain aspects I didn't. In the end it was a draw that came down to personal preference.


    TEENIEMCNEE Tele-Meister

    Jan 16, 2014
    Still way cheaper than the UK. I bought my CVC for £345 nearly two years ago. I got a modern player strat at the same time for roughly the same. Love them both.

  4. MHtele

    MHtele TDPRI Member

    Sep 8, 2015
    Looks as though GC has now upped their prices inline with Sweetwater. Too bad, but not unexpected. Hopefully someone considering buying was able to do so before the increase.

    Twenty dollars more isn't really much on the 50's tele, but fifty bucks on the CVC and CV Thinline is a bit more, and the one hundred and fifty increase on the VM Thinline is pretty baffling.

  5. johnnywizzo

    johnnywizzo Tele-Meister

    Dec 20, 2014

    Agreed. If people don't buy them, they'll soon readjust their prices or eat their guitars. If people do buy them, well then they pulled it off. I just bought three new Squiers at deeply discounted prices. It looks like I may have bought my last one.

  6. backporchmusic

    backporchmusic Friend of Leo's

    Nov 28, 2006
    MF seems to be a holdout on the Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster--they still have it at $399, whereas everyone else (GC included) have them at $449. With MF 15% off right now, you can get one for $340 delivered.

    I HAD to buy one. Didn't I?

  7. johnnywizzo

    johnnywizzo Tele-Meister

    Dec 20, 2014

    Of course you did!

  8. JMP1

    JMP1 TDPRI Member

    Dec 23, 2015
    id have a tough time explaining that one since I just had a cv50 tele come in the mail two weeks ago.

    Why did I need to come back in this thread. ;)

  9. bricksnbeatles

    bricksnbeatles Tele-Afflicted

    Apr 8, 2014
    Long Island, NY
    IMO the worst part about this is that squier is supposed to be a budget line of instruments for kids and teenagers to be able to afford, but by increasing the prices, they're driving those customers away.

  10. skiddd

    skiddd TDPRI Member

    Aug 4, 2015
    Long Island, NY

    YES! and picking on us :(

  11. fender4life

    fender4life Friend of Leo's

    Sep 18, 2011
    los angeles
    They are. You're looking at the highest line of squiers that are actually built equally as well as MIM classic series and only lack the more prestigious headstock logo. They are 100% pro grade instruments aside from the switch which is about the only cheap part in them. The entry level squiers are still dirt cheap and thats what kids end up with. Later they can upgrade to a still very budget minded CVC and have a pro grade instrument for 1/2 that of the equivalent MIM.

  12. Asmith

    Asmith Friend of Leo's

    Nov 27, 2014
    Morley, England
    I think I'd like to weigh in, my budget doesn't usually stretch far when it comes to guitars, my most expensive guitar is a MIM strat* and I had to sell a guitar to obtain half the funds for that. So usually I'm looking at £300 tops for a guitar, at leas I'm happy with my current guitars, (strat, tele, partscaster and my girlfriend's old acoustic she'd given up on many years ago left in her loft).

    Although the guitars at some point end up with some money pumped into them, new pickups, switches and other stuff.

    *my partscaster did cost a great deal more than the mim strat but that guitar was built over a good 2, 1/2 years, designing, buying parts and calling in favors for odd jobs.

  13. Exactly... they still have the low end (which I would never consider buying). I caught the bug and have purchased 4 of there better made guitars over the past 2-3 months. Just got this one delivered yesterday for $250 out the door from MF.

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  14. fender4life

    fender4life Friend of Leo's

    Sep 18, 2011
    los angeles
    I'll add that i have 2 squiers now and both are as wll built as any fender i've owned. Seriously. neck pockets are tight and perfect and you couldn't slip a piece of paper in there. Finishes are both flawless. Wood grain on the natural one is gorgeous and is TWO poice center joined which is 100% confirmable by the end grain. these are built to the same standard of quality as my '14 classic 50's which is the best built one of the 7 or 8 classic series I've owned. The VM 72 is easily superior to the 72 thinline MIM i had. Fretwork is on a whole other level and the MIM acoustically sounded muddy while acoustically the VM is crisp and very resonant. My white CV with black binding is also impeccible. I honestly could not tell the difference between it and a AVRI if not for the poly and cheap bridge plate.

    And on that note (cheap bridge plate) I'll also list the cons. Both had cheap switches, the kind that usually fail very quickly. Pots are small but are probably reliable. I just don't like pots with any friction at all, so the switches are definately junk but the pots are subjective. Bridge plates Are IMO tinny sounding, or at least WERE at one time. I never gave the CVC any time and had a USA plate and callaham saddles so i swapped that out immediately. But the callahams aren't neccasary, a $15 set of fender brass or $17 set of fender compensated and a USA plate will set you back about $25-30. The VM comes with saddles that are too wide causing them to splay out some which is definately the only flaw in the build i have seen between the 2. But simple and cheap fix. The VM's pickups are the WRHB, and they are the new revoiced which i and many others feel sound muccy. But i cannot say thats a con in the squier line because they are the same pones used in the MIM and probably the AVRI.

    So really theres nothing i was say is a MUST to swap except the switch, tho i DO believe the bridges or saddles on the VM should be but thats my opinion not necessarily a fact. On the VM 72 however i had a set of import spaced callaham strat saddles i used and that did help, tho it's not a must. Fixed the too wide issue but then thats not really a issue in that it causes no problems. But it IS a con and a build issue.

    They have hardly and parts that need to be swapped. Even the tuners works as good as any vintage tuner on any fender i've own in any country of origin. In short, these are pro instruments that are slightly crippled by a switch that can be swapped for about $10 and bridge or saddles that could be improved upon, the CVC for better tone and the VM mainly for spacing. Otherwise this old man who's played fenders since the beatles were only broken up about a year or two and owned more fenders than years have gone by since then can't hear of feel or see anything other then the few minor issues i mentioned that would keep these in a lower league than anything short of custom ship. Yeah, poly looks and feels different so a AVRI will appear and feel different due to that. But i prefer poly so for me thats not a problem and it IS 100% subjective. So in short, I spend about $50 in parts and to me at least the only difference is the logo and the thin necks which is subjective and i've come to love that because they;re easier for me to play. The lower end of the squier line is a whole other story and a true budget line for beginners thats not even in the same universe quality wise. But on the other hand they still play amnd sound ok and if you get some blessed wood possible great. But thats where the squier name can be considered lower quality, NOT with the CV and VM 72's.

  15. Couldn't agree with you more... and it's not even hard for me to say that today.. a few months ago I would be a little less agreeable. ; )

  16. fender4life

    fender4life Friend of Leo's

    Sep 18, 2011
    los angeles
    I assume you mean because a few months ago you hadn't experienced them to know. But the other reason many of us couldn't say that just a few years ago is how far the imports have come in a very short time. It's almost shocking what they've come to. I wish i was a kid just starting today ! I envy them. You couldn't buy a guitar made as well when i was a kid. Even the all USA fender line back then was inconsistent due to the lack of precision in the manufacturing process. Not to mention a new fender cost me about double 40 years ago than these squiers cost today ! In todays dollar what would we be looking at? It can't get any better unless they start giving em away. Oh well, at least I got to experience this gear boom before i sleep.

  17. Yes, it's not because of quality its because I had no idea what these guitars were like. A Squier, come on, not in my lifetime. When I thought of Squer I only thought of the affinity line, didn't really know the better ones existed, well I knew but I thought they were all the same, but not even close. Yes I wish these were available 30 years ago - my first real Fender was a Duo Sonic which wasn't that great but it was a real Fender. I have no desire to even look at a MIM guitar now... nothing against them but I like the CV's and VM's so much more. It's a preference thing I know but it's what moves me!

  18. fender4life

    fender4life Friend of Leo's

    Sep 18, 2011
    los angeles
    The MIM classic series and variants are basically the equivalent of these. No better really, and these even have better pickups aside from the BAJA which come with great pickups. But the deciding factor is the necks. As you know these squiers have very thin necks with a 9.5" radius and medium frets while the classic series except for the BAJA or player lines have 7.25" radius and much fatter necks on the 50's versions and a bit fatter on the 60's. Plus the squier 50's teles use pine bodies. So it's differences like that which might make some prefer the MIM classic lines. But otherwise they are both right there at the same quality level. These squiers are actually superior to the MIM standard series. You basically get a lot of guitar for a lot less $ just for living with the squier logo on the head. It doesn't bother me in the least, and in fact i've come to look at it like another quality fender line that just has a different name.

    I think we need to get over the logos and other such mental blocks and just realize these are tools and base thier value to us on how well they do the job, and for me they do it as good as any guitars i have owned at any price once i mod them to my preferences like i do with anything at any level.

  19. olie

    olie TDPRI Member

    Feb 3, 2016
    Picton,Ont. Canada
    Some great points well stated on this thread. I'm an old codger myself and I remember some the guitars back in the 60's and 70's and I recall thinking that they weren't all that fantastic but they had names like Fender, Gibson, Gretsch etc. and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when the older guys let me play one! With my CVC I can't believe how easy it is to play compared to some of the "vintage" axes and the quality is astounding for the money I paid.Someone else on here said it for me (us?) when he said that he wished we had something like these Squiers back then-I might have been a much better player now.So I'm just enjoying the heck out of what I get to play every day!

  20. skiddd

    skiddd TDPRI Member

    Aug 4, 2015
    Long Island, NY
    Well said................... as a new player approaching 50 years old(I'm 49)I'm glad I have the Squire option. I always looked at guitars and always dreamed of being a player but really never had the time to commit. I'm now retired thanks to an unruly, violent inmate that chose me as his target for aggression release that fateful day at work. so I now have the time. In the 11 months since I started taking lessons I have bought 15 guitars(I now own 11, I sold 4 for a profit)and 4 are Squiers(1 classic vibe 60's heavily modified and 3 tele's, 1 affinity and 2 classic vibes, butterscotch and blond, the blond I just made into an Esquire)I obviously I don't have the experience to made a judgement on ANYTHING that has to do with guitar playing but I can comment on quality. a classic vibe tele is at least equal to a Mexican tele(I own one of those too, I upgraded the tuners to fender locking, put in an Emerson 4 way wiring harness and installed a set of Porter modern pickups)the squier is imo an easier playing guitar and a great sounding guitar with the Alnico 3's in it. I don't care for the neck pickup but the bridge I kept in when I made it an Esquire.................

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