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Trading fun (NGD, Alvarez AAT-33)

Discussion in 'Other Guitars, other instruments' started by dannew02, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. dannew02

    dannew02 Friend of Leo's

    Apr 2, 2010
    Erin Prarie, WI
    Ok , I just got THIS
    It's a recent Alvarez ES-335 copy.
    I've wanted a nice 335 for a long time. I had a guitar teacher with a 70's walnut 335 with the "Gibson" embossed pups, and I remember it sounding good, and I dug the look and how it played. Of course a REAL one is way out of my price range, and the Aria/Lyle/Epi Franken-335 I have isn't quite the same...
    Anyway I had a PRS I got in trade a while ago, it was nice (and looked great) but I just didn't play it often. I seemed to pas it up for other stuff 98% of the time, so I'd been looking for something else to replace it with. My work hours changed again, so I have time before work to check out guitar stores again. This guitar caught my eye right away- its walnut, the neck is nice and big (my Aria feels like a pencil in comparison) and the finish is nice and glossy without the "dipped in plastic" feel a lot of others in my price range. I'd tried Peavey JF-1's, Epi Dots, a Stagg, and a couple Ibanez'es. None of those really "spoke to me", but the Alvarez just felt GREAT as soon as I picked it up. Fat neck, nice finish, real close copy shape, it's all good. This has "Duncan Designed" pups so it sounds fine as it is-the neck pup isn't "muddy" at all, and the bridge sounds good. Of course I want to mod it, because it's a sickness! But there really isn't a NEED, everything on here is good as is.
    I didn't know these were out there, I hadn't heard of them or seen one before running into this one. A good friend has an Alvarez "Hummingbird" copy that I've been trying to buy off him for a couple decades (and he says is going in his coffin when he passes, its THAT good) and pretty much all the other Alvarez'es I've handled have felt top-notch, so I wasn't worried about this one.

  2. dannew02

    dannew02 Friend of Leo's

    Apr 2, 2010
    Erin Prarie, WI
    So the trading "stream" went like this:
    Pile-0-strat partscasters (like 7 or 8 by the end, and I don't have pics of them all)
    All parted out and the $ went for THIS:
    Ibanez RC-365H. I rewired it and added a "Twisted Tele" neck and a Gibson P94 bridge. It sounded fine, but the neck was too small. (And I should have just gotten a Warmoth boat-neck and kept this, but I thought I was done with projects so I traded it for THIS
    91 LP Studio Lite (the hollow one with Basswood in the middle) I fixed the neck break, got a set of SD "Whole Lotta Humbuckers" and did 50's wiring, (and all nickel hardware) and realized I'm just not an "LP guy". I LOVE the way they sound, other people can play 'me great, but I just can't get on with them. (Plus mine had a skinny neck, totally unlike the "59 shape" I'd played on a Dr friends "R9" or whatever his $$$$$$ reissue was) So... I traded it for THIS
    A PRS Semihollow P90 (uh... or something. I can't remember what model it was, it had some strange name) This one needed a bridge, and all new wiring. The guy I got it from had put some $$$$ boutique pups in it, that I sold for stupid amount of $, way more than enough to replace everything else it needed. This one played and sounded fine, and stayed in tune better than most of my other guitars, but I seemed to prefer my Squier Tele over it. So.... I was at a GC and they had THIS
    A 79 Ibanez ST-200. It was kind of rough, and was missing the original electronics, but just felt so right while playing it. They wouldn't let me put it on hold or lay-away or whatever (and I didn't have enough $ to just buy it then), and of course by the time I came back with my trade bait (and CC) someone else had scooped it up. So when I saw the Alvarez I knew I had to jump on it! I really want to leave it alone, and just PLAY it... but we'll see about that.

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